A Mommy and Me Valentine’s Day Look in LuLaRoe (First Timers Here!)

February is here! January 2016 was a looonnnggg month, but we are done with that whole mess (hashtag down with the sickness). On to the month of love and inching that much closer to SPRING!

Speaking of love, I have really enjoyed this age with Johanna for so many reasons (cuddles, attaching at Mommy’s hip, holding hands, cheesy smiles, beginning of sentence formation, and the list could go on forever.) One reason (let’s be honest) has to do with fashion. She is almost 2 (will turn 2 in April), and she is not growing out of every outfit she owns in a week (shoes, on the other hand…). That being said, I am now finally willing to spend a little more on her clothes and put forth a bit more effort in her style.

I have gazed longingly at Mommy and me fashion photos for years, and I decided it was time to make this happen in my life. I posted a few pictures on Instagram of our matching Aztec print leggings I scored from Groopdealz, and a LuLaRoe consultant commented about LuLaRoe Valentine’s leggings, suggesting I try to snag some for the two of us. Hmmm…wheels started spinning.

Here’s our official first planned venture into Mommy and me outfits (in leggings from Groopdealz)!

My friend Kristie told me about LLR a few months ago, and I got more hooked when I found out they carried the same prints in Johanna’s and my sizes.

As you may or may not know, LuLaRoe (LLR) is sold through independent fashion consultants. You can access their website to find consultants near you or join private Facebook groups to buy these consultants’ pieces online. My friend Kristie added me to a few private Facebook groups, and I searched #LuLaRoe on Instagram to find consultants who were having online sales in the near future. Once I was added to a few online groups, the hunt began.

Some ladies are deterred from purchasing LLR due to all of the “hunting” said LLR fan must do, but I also think it’s kind of fun! Different consultants have different rules, though. In my first online show, I was all sorts of messed up and kept commenting the wrong thing in the wrong place. Part of me was like, daaannng. This is intense. And I was only riding the struggle bus in that one online show. All consultants I have ordered from (have ordered from four total now) could not have been more pleasant to shop with!

My suggestions? Be prepared to be on Facebook when the shows start. Buddy up with someone to tag you in items you’re looking for! Kristie has helped me out in finding the Valentine’s leggings, and I have helped her some, too. So, what I’m trying to say is that real friends help their friends buy LLR!

One option is to buy straight from your local consultant, but what’s unique about LLR is that 1. you can’t buy what you exactly want online (you have to hunt/find a consultant who has that piece and be first in line for it!) and 2. your favorite consultant may not have the print/size you want. That’s why I belong to several private Facebook groups, two of which are local to me. I look forward to finding a local “go-to” consultant as I become more familiar with LLR!

You can host pop-up boutiques or online shows to earn free clothes, and I may look into doing so in the future because what I have purchased so far, I LOVE. Consider me hooked.

Again, some find the LLR ordering/searching process to be too much, but as Kristie and I have both said, it’s part of the fun!

Now, since that was super long-winded and since I can’t hardly contain my excitement much longer, let me show you our Valentine’s Day outfits!

I am wearing the LuLaRoe Irma tunic (size XXS), leggings (one size), Old Navy cardigan,
Keds x Kate Spade New York sneakers, and theĀ STELLA AND DOT NATALIE NECKLACE.


Johanna is wearing the LuLaRoe leggings in kids’ S/M (fits 2T-5/6), an Old Navy jean jacket and sparkly flats,
and a Target tee (Circo brand). Also, her half topknot is on point, and she totally has the blogger serious face down.


A side view of my Irma tunic. I would say I could fit an XS as well. These run 2 sizes bigger!


I normally don’t spend $23 on pants for Johanna, but the great thing about these is that she can wear them next year, too!
She is in the kids’ S/M, which fits up to a size 5/6.


OK, when we plan a post with him in it, he hates it. When I let him watch from the sidelines, he says, “Take a picture of me!” P.S. This was pre-haircut, and yes, I do notice his boots being on the wrong feet.
“Mom, take one holding my hand, too!” That crazy boy, I tell you what. Stubborn but so dang charming
and impossible to stay mad at.
Side note: Man, did 45 degrees on this day feel like a HEAT WAVE!
Heart-eyed emoji. That is all.

My comments on fit and feel: The Irma, as I said earlier, runs 1-2 sizes big. The one size leggings fit sizes 0-12. I think what got me hooked is the feel of the clothes. The material is not your run-of-the-mill cotton. It’s nothing like anything I’ve worn before, really. Great quality. And I will say that I have not washed my pieces yet, but each piece came with specific washing instructions that I plan to follow.

And oops, I did it again. I bought the skirt on the very left while typing this blog post. It’s the Cassie, which is a pencil skirt. I am trying to deviate a little from my predicable skinny pant, so here we go! Expect to see this skirt paired with my favorite ankle boots for a transitional winter-to-spring look!

Thanks for reading! I should also note that I was not compensated for this post or gifted any LLR items. I personally purchased all four pieces referenced in this blog, and (like always) all opinions are my own.


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