Week 1 of February Style Round-Up (and Fringe Boots You NEED)

Hey, gals…thought I’d try something new and write a week-in-review type of post where I share with you what I wore during the week and why I wore it. You may see the looks I post on Instagram, but in my blog post here, I’d like to just write a little bit more about my outfit choices, looks I’m loving, etc. These posts will also feature newly-added pieces that have made their way into my wardrobe and why.

I will be the first to admit that style/putting together outfits every day is a bit daunting. I hope these posts make it easier for you to get dressed every day.

LOOK 1: Mommy and me, featuring buffalo check

Here is a look I put together to match Johanna again. She is starting to recognize that we are matching, and it brings a smile to her face. Cheesy, maybe, but if it makes us both happy, what is the real harm here?

I buy nearly all of Johanna’s clothes at Old Navy, and she is wearing Old Navy head to toe here (poncho, black shirt underneath, gray jeans, flats). My buffalo check top (from fall 2014) is also from Old Navy. The quality of their plaid shirts continues to impress me. As you probably know if you follow my blog somewhat, I really, really, really like my buffalo check. Now may be the time to snag some Old Navy flannels on clearance. You could really make a flannel (in the right colors) work as a light (almost) jacket in the spring if you style it with your pastels and lighter denim.

LOOK 2: Teacher fashion, featuring vests and TOMS

My friend Corissa and I are following some style challenges on Instagram for our work outfits. Basically, these style challenges provide you with prompts that guide what you wear each day. Most days, I have something in my closet that will fit, and other days, I don’t, but what I like about these style challenges is that following them really makes you look into your closet, past the 10 percent of pieces you wear most often.

On this day, we were following these style challenges: #hauteinfebruary (winter staples), #wearwhatwherefebruary (laced-up lovelies), and #acutebestiescutiepichallenge (vest life is the best life).

I am not quite ready to give up my favorite winter vest yet, and I paired it with the red for a little “happy February” action. I wanted to break up the black with my taupe TOMS wedges, which I have owned for two years (they are called the Desert Wedge). These wedges are a little pricey, but in the right neutral color (whatever color works best in your wardrobe), you will find that you get what you pay for, which is a quality shoe you can wear in all seasons.

LOOK 3: Flatlays, featuring my new favorite fringe booties

We had two snow days up here in Iowa last week, so though I wasn’t getting dressed for work, I still like to plan outfits because it’s just fun for me. I always enjoy looking at flatlays (outfits laid out in one picture without the outfits actually on the person, for those who are puzzled at the term “flatlay”) on Instagram, but I am not the best stager/folder, so I have stayed away from them. Since I had a little bit of free time during my snow days, I tried it out. Way more fun to take pictures of flatlays versus getting stressed out about taking blog pictures with me in them. (Keeping it real).

Two points I’d like to make about these looks:

1. LuLa Roe Irma. I love this tunic (black and white striped top in the first flatlay). I wore it in the last post I wrote (MOMMY AND ME VALENTINE’S DAY), I placed it in my flatlay, and I wore it to work last week. Love the coverage in the back and the fitted arms/loose feel combination. I actually bought two more because how easy is a tunic top plus leggings for a mom on the go (or at home)?

2. Lucy Avenue fringe booties. You know how sometimes you are really afraid of shoes/accessories that are cheap because you think to yourself, these are too good to be true? That was how I initially felt when I bought this pair of burgundy/wine-colored fringe booties in the first flatlay. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, so when I saw that Lucy Avenue put the fringe boots on SUPER sale ($19.99), I bought the gray pair and would have bought the tan pair had they had my size. I very rarely find boots this cheap that are this cute and stylish (and don’t look cheap), and I hit the jackpot with these. Click HERE to find these boots!


I love word “Friyay,” especially as a working mom, because it means I’m that close to the weekend and spending more time with family. When I saw this graphic tank at Target when I went to pick up my prescription this week (the struggle to stay healthy is real for me, for some reason), I had to have it.

I love graphic tees and wearing them in unexpected ways. For a casual look in colder weather, I love to pair a cardigan or blazer with the tee/tank and add a statement necklace, jeans, and fun shoes (maybe leopard flats in 20-degree weather was not the best decision). I plan to feature more graphic tees on the blog in the near future, and my next post will feature a graphic tee very close to my heart! Stay tuned!


My sister Mallory and her husband Kyle surprised us on Friday night (full disclosure: I was sleeping on the couch on top of my “healthy” ice cream bar wrapper). What an awesome surprise! I can’t deny that I still really miss my loved ones in Illinois. We are a year and a half into Iowa living, and though it is way easier now, I still get homesick a lot more than I would like to admit. It really does my heart a lot of good to see my people. Mallory, Johanna, and I had a little time away from the boys for some shopping. And here I am wearing my Target leopard ankle boots for the hundredth time this winter.

Johanna’s fringe ankle boots came in, too, and I will feature them very soon on the blog! I LOVE them; you really can’t beat $14.99.

And there we have it…my first week of February style. Not pictured: me moaning in my bed in sweats on Tuesday because I could not get over this sickness. I finally just went to the doctor last Wednesday for an antibiotic and am feeling human again. Thanks for reading, as always. And I’ll leave you with a preview of coming attractions: another way to style a graphic tee AND workout tank (outside of the gym). Bonus: my graphic tee and my workout tank feature a very special message to me. And I’ll have a sale code for you to snag the same ones! See you soon, friends!


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