Week 2 of February Style Round-Up (and Why You May Need a Leather Jacket)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my FAVORITE blog readers! Right about now, I’m up super early with a little coughing toddler whose soft hair and soft voice are tricking me into letting her stay awake longer than I probably should. Just hate that runny nose/tickle cough situation she has going on…I think another trip to the doctor is in order. 
I’m back this week again to talk about how I wore my favorite trends and anything new that found its way into my closet!

The photo above is my most “liked” photo in my blog Instagram account (ever, so far…), and it’s a photo that features an outfit that feels uniquely me. I love buffalo check and wear it once a week (sometimes, like this week, three times a week…). Black skinny pants are a wardrobe staple for me, of course, and I already talked to you about my love for the sweater duster/cardigan in THIS POST. Since this look was for work, I layered some gold necklaces for a dressier vibe and added my favorite fringe booties in gray to finish the look. (Shop these boots, on sale for $19.99, HERE.)

Sometimes when I’m not sure about an outfit yet, I will snap a mirror pic.
Then a certain firefighter wanted to be in it, too. 

I know we are all ready to buy spring clothes, but do consider adding some ankle boots and a sweater duster to your wardrobe. Living in the Midwest, we know all too well how winter stays around longer than we desire, but when springtime comes, ankle boots (which are on sale now) pair so well with dresses, skirts, and shorts. And the sweater duster…a lightweight one in a neutral shade, like the gray one I’m wearing, will work well with your spring pastels. I found my Mossimo sweater duster in store, and I’ve linked some dusters from Target (all are 25 percent off in a Presidents’ Day sale) HERE.


As most of you probably read last week, I recently partnered with She Is Clothing, a company with a powerful message that puts that message on graphic tees, tanks, and more. When I think about the woman I want to be and the role model I want to be to Johanna (and Jackson, for that matter), I always go back to the Proverbs 31 woman, so I am very proud to wear these pieces. Read the post HERE
And here is the sweater duster again, so as you can see, it works for business casual and casual. I really don’t like to have much in my closet that only serves one sole purpose: my wardrobe is nearly all pieces that I can dress up or dress down.
PSST…Shop She Is Clothing HERE and use the discount code heather for $5 off your purchase!

And speaking of multipurpose pieces in your wardrobe…I wore this tank to run errands in and then slipped off the buffalo check top for a workout. When you buy workout leggings that don’t scream workout leggings, you can throw a flannel on over your workout tank and call it an outfit. My Nikes (old from Kohl’s) are also simple enough to complete the look for errands and then transition to working out.

I don’t think it’s a surprise to any reader of this blog that I don’t wear much color. I love taupe, gray, and black. If I’m feeling risky, I go for navy. But following some style challenges on Instagram has really helped me to examine my closet, find pieces I seldomly wear, and pair them with some of my favorites.

This look may be my favorite look from last week. I love print mixing, I love leather, and I love pink. And since I loved my black and white striped LuLaRoe Irma tunic (featured in my Mommy and me Valentine’s post, linked HERE) so much, I bought two more. Here is one I know I’m going to get a ton of wear out of, even into the spring because it is short-sleeved.

If you are intrigued by print mixing, start with stripes as your base. Find like colors in your prints. For example, my tunic has black stripes, and my Aztec scarf (purchased last summer from Old Navy) is primarily black. I grounded the look by adding a neutral (black) but in a fun texture (faux leather) to give the outfit some interest.

LOOK 4: A VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER (and my new leather jacket)

I paired my Valentine LuLaRoe leggings and tunic with a leather jacket and black booties this time around for a dinner out with my family. My mom, dad, and youngest sister were in town, and we all went out to eat on Saturday night. 
I consider myself to be on the perpetual, never-ending hunt for a leather jacket. I am very drawn to the leather jackets at Express but run away in horror when I see the price. A leather jacket is not something I wear very often, so it doesn’t make sense to me to spend more than $50-75 on one. But then again, when you go for a “budget” leather jacket, you end up finding a ton of cheap-looking ones.
When I was shopping with my sister last weekend, I found this one at Target. I loved the mixed material and the price AND the fact that it looks more than it costs (less than $45). I cannot find the link to it online, but it is also the Mossimo brand.

Here’s somewhat of a close-up.
I will try to get better pictures next time around.

My sister told me that she really liked the leather jacket on me but didn’t think leather jackets were her thing. I do agree that leather jackets make some feel too edgy, but I do think they are made on an “edginess” scale in that some have little to no edgy details. Some others are full-on biker mama. I think the texture alone of a leather jacket would work to complete so many outfits in your closet, so I highly recommend one as a wardrobe staple. Keep in mind that for some, gray, cognac, or taupe may work a little better than black because black can be harsh. But black is my soulmate color, so that’s what I went with because it works for me.

And a final note…you know how some women often dismiss compliments about their hair? (“Oh, I seriously did not do much to my hair this morning, but thanks…”) Or how some bloggers say, “Try this super simple hairstyle!” that in reality looks super intricate and causes sheer frustration/meltdown status in the bathroom when you try to recreate?

So…the half topknot, as seen in the last look…may I just say that it is not an easy style? I can’t decide if it’s because I’m not used to fixing my hair this way or if it’s the style that’s difficult. But I don’t want you to leave this post and think that I just threw my hair up in a matter of minutes. For the record, it was hard. OK, now you can go.

See you soon! We are one step closer to spring!


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