Week 3 of February Style Round-Up, featuring Spring Boots and More LuLaRoe

Happy Sunday! Fun fact: This post marks the 100th one I’ve written on this blog! Thank you for humoring me and following along as I fight to stay trendy and “hip” whilst taking my vitamins and pining for a 9 o’clock bedtime every night.

This week, just like I’ve done in the previous two, I’m talking about what I wore and why and any new additions to my closet. So here we go!

LOOK 1: I’m so basic.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Old Navy top and jeans, Target scarf, Stella and Dot necklace,
bracelets from Groopdealz and Stella and Dot, UGG classic short boot in chestnut.

While all of you people were enjoying a Presidents’ Day off, I went to work. It was a day of Professional Development, and on those days, we dress pretty casually…I was super cold that day (just like every other day in Iowa pretty much), and I do not wear my Uggs to teach in (except maybe on Casual Fridays, but I don’t think I have yet…)…but I found it quite necessary to wear them last Monday.

I posted this picture on Instagram, and it was pretty well-received for my account’s standards…which is so funny to me. I seriously threw some comfy things together and called it an outfit. This outfit was my “see, I’m not a style blogger every day…sometimes I wear dark skinny jeans and Uggs and a gray long-sleeved tee and call it good” outfit. I try to be somewhat honest on my Instagram account, and this outfit was so “basic.” I knew that. But it required so little effort on a Monday when I wasn’t feeling stylish. That’s why it’s so funny to me that it was so well-received, so thank you for continuing to indulge me.

Tip with this look: A necklace extender came with my Stella and Dot Sutton Necklace, and I use that thing ALL the time! When you’re trying to make some attempt to dress up your tee, jeans, and scarf combination, pair the scarf with a long, simple pendant necklace. Can you guess my favorite long, simple pendant necklace?? (Joke right there. I wear the Rebel Pendant every other day.) Adding the necklace extender to my Rebel Pendant helps to make the necklace even more visible and creates some separation between necklace and scarf.

Have you been on the fence about the Rebel? The time to buy would be now for a chance to win all of the hostess rewards in the Stella and Dot show I’m hosting! That means for every order you place, you are entered in a raffle at least once, and more, depending on how much you spend. The winner of the raffle will receive the jewelry credits and half-off items earned from everyone’s purchases! Since every time you spend $25 gets you one entry (maximum 8 entries), the Rebel would earn you 3 entries. Email me (rockstyleteach@gmail.com) or message me (Facebook, Instagram) for the link to the mystery show!

LOOK 2: LuLaRoe Irma, Round 3 + TOMS WEDGES

OUTFIT DETAILS: Old Navy jacket and pants, Stella and Dot necklaces, LuLaRoe tunic, TOMS desert wedge in taupe.

This look for school was inspired by the Instagram style challenge prompt of that day, which was “simply muted.” I have written about LuLa Roe Irma tunics before on the blog, and this is the third of the three I own. I love the idea of print mixing the stripes in the Irma with prints in the leggings. And then the stripes in the Irma also pair well with solids here for a more classic look.

I cannot think of too many places I go in my everyday life that I could not wear an Irma dressed up or down. Sizing is really generous with this one. I am a size 6, sometimes a 4 on an extremely good day, and I can wear XXS and XS Irmas, just for reference.

The TOMS wedges continue to rock my world. As you probably know, wearing skinny pants and flats isn’t always the most flattering look, but when I teach all day, I need to wear something comfortable. I’m too old (32…which to my high school students is like gray-hair status) to be messing with uncomfortable shoes at work. I love this wedge for a happy medium; I get comfort and style and a leaner leg line with a heel. Yes, I will admit that TOMS are pricey, but I now have owned four pairs and can vouch for their quality. You really are getting what you pay for.

LOOK 3: Dinner and a Movie and a LLR Perfect Tee

OUTFIT DETAILS: Target leather jacket (Mossimo brand, wearing a small), LuLaRoe perfect tee (XS), Stella and Dot bag,
American Eagle jeggings, Old Navy flats. 

Last week, I decided to branch out from the LLR Irma and leggings and try an LLR perfect tee and Nicole dress. Keep in mind (before any budget judgment…) that I am updating my professional spring wardrobe as well, as last spring, I was a stay-at-home mom. I’ve told you before that I need pieces that multitask for me and don’t buy too many pieces that I can’t wear to both work and on the weekend. This one was a look I put together for dinner and a movie with my wonderful, handsome husband. (Special thanks to Mama and Papa for babysitting!)

The LuLaRoe perfect tee is like a babydoll fit…tighter on the top with an A-line out from underneath the bust. It is longer in the back and can be worn with leggings, too! I am not usually too adventurous with my prints (plaid…buffalo check…leopard print…stripes…repeat), but when I saw this Aztec print, I jumped. I am wearing an XS (sizing down one size was recommended) but could probably also wear an XXS, just like in the Irma.

I am seriously loving my leather jacket from Target…I’ve worn it two weekends in a row. And the warmer temps this weekend allowed me to take a break from my boots and wear my lace-up flats again. I would really like to add a black pair of lace-ups to my closet but may need to slow my roll a bit on the spending.

Why am I so obsessed with LuLaRoe? I like the individuality of the prints and the comfort factor. Not every consultant carries the same prints, so it’s not like you will have the exact same print as your girlfriend who also likes to wear Irmas. So if you are more feminine in the way you dress, you get to choose a floral print. If you like edgier prints like camo or Aztec, then you choose those. If you like quirky and fun, you choose cars or pigs or unicorns or spaceships. LLR really does offer something for everyone. And the quality is truly amazing. The material is so soft, and the clothes are just comfortable. Bottom line.

Closer look at the print in my tee. And look! I did my nails for the first time in three weeks!
Color is Essie’s Bikini So Teeny.

Truth be told, I have never hosted a sales party for friends and family for any product besides Stella and Dot, but I am with LuLaRoe because I need to tell my fashion friends all about this great clothing line! I am hosting at my house next Sunday afternoon, but if you’re not local to me, I am an online hostess in a Facebook show this Wednesday (2/24)! Starting at 8 P.M. Central Time, my consultant Lindsey will post her inventory. When you see something you like, you comment “sold.” If you are the first person to claim that item, it’s yours, after you fill out a super easy Google Doc. Lindsey has all of the sizing suggestions posted, as well as rules for her Facebook shows. If you would be so kind as to mark me as your hostess, I would love you forever and continue to keep blogging about my LLR finds!

Click HERE to be added to Lindsey’s private LuLaRoe Facebook group. LuLaRoe is not something you can go to a website and buy…it is sold through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Periscope) or through in-home pop-ups with LLR consultants.

If you aren’t sure on sizing or tees/tops/dresses that would best fit your body type, I would love to give you suggestions. Just email (rockstyleteach@gmail.com) or message me via Facebook or Instagram! Otherwise, see you online on Wednesday!


You may remember that I mentioned in the last section that, along with my LuLaRoe perfect tee, I purchased my first LuLaRoe dress, the Nicole, and didn’t show you a picture. A picture will be coming soon! It is camo print in size XS, and the fit is super flattering. I also have on my list of future blog tasks to show you my Cassie skirt, the LLR pencil skirt.

Here’s what I can show you, a preview of coming attractions:

Dolce Vita Jaeger Ankle Booties in teak (that’s the color)

These boots have been my dream ankle boots for a while, a just-out-of-budget-reach dream boot. When I saw them for 30% off on the Younkers (Iowa Bergner’s, Illinois friends) website, I had to act and ordered them online. I have searched and searched and searched and have not found another pair like them that 1. have the same cognac color, 2. have a mid heel, and 3. have the zipper detailing, giving them a bit of edge (you know edgy things excite me). To me, that’s how you know it’s OK to spend a bit more. I am also planning to wear these year-round and will pair them in the spring with leggings, skirts, dresses, etc. They are an obvious choice for a fall and winter accessory as well.

TOMS Black Suede Perforated Women’s Majorca Peep Toe Booties

A friend of mine, Megan, showed me these TOMS peep toe boots a few weeks back, and I instantly loved them when she posted them. But I had to think for a while: Can I do a three-inch heel? I have a heel code since I’m 5’11”: my max is 3″. But I am in love with the perforated detail and the fact that they are TOMS, obviously. Again, this pair is a great spring and summer shoe, so I went to try them on. Verdict? Comfortable, cute, and flattering. So they are in my closet waiting for warmer temps!

Have a great week, ladies! See you back on the blog very soon!


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