Spring Fashion Goals (and other musings)

Hey, everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve seen you here. I’ve been pretty busy keeping my head above water, just like any other mom, trying to keep us all healthy (failing majorly at that task), you know… I am on antibiotics for bronchitis (how glamorous), and as I’m typing this, my son is coughing every 10 seconds during nap. And he’s not sleeping at all. Weird. Winter, you have overstayed your welcome. Oh, and my daughter has decided she does not like sleeping in her own bed and will cry “Mommy!!!!!” until I go get her.

I first want to say thank you ALL so much for your generous outpour of encouragement and kindness when I posted about my braces. It really means a ton to me. It is way difficult to open yourself up like that, but I knew it was the only way to authentically tell my story. We are two weeks in, and though the first week was pretty rough in figuring out how to eat things, what I needed to say no to food-wise, the whole canker sore business, etc., I still don’t regret it. I legit see differences in my teeth already. Not joking.

I thought I’d stop in and post about some of my spring fashion goals in hopes that it inspires you to set your own. I saw a quote on Facebook the other day about whatever you do in life being your “art,” and style was included, as in how you style yourself, how you create an impression of yourself for others. I (obviously) find fashion to be a hobby, but I know it’s a nuisance or even like priority number 1,000 for some of you. But thinking about it as your own unique art form is a really nice perspective.

1. Embrace more feminine wardrobe pieces.

It is probably no surprise to you as a reader of this blog that I have a silhouette that is my go-to, one that makes me feel most comfortable: flowy top paired with skinny pant. But even I am getting bored of myself.

To combat the boringness in my wardrobe, I have purchased two new dresses and a pencil skirt (so far) for spring. I haven’t worn the dresses yet because I am still deciding which will be my Easter dress, but I did wear the skirt to church. I love how the print isn’t overwhelmingly feminine, which is a major reason I usually stay away from skirts and dresses in the first place. I am not a florals or polka dot person (typically), and it seems like a ton of dresses on the market are too feminine in the style/print or too short. I wrote a blog about this exact same problem around Easter last year (read it HERE), but I would say my prospects for skirts and dresses are better this year.

Tee is from She Is clothing (c/o), skirt is the LuLaRoe Cassie, and the necklace is Stella and Dot.
Aztec print: a good alternative to floral.

Also, earrings. I am a studs girl through and through. Several people have asked me why I don’t wear big earrings, and the truth is that I have never felt comfortable in them, for some reason. I have two pairs that I am thinking I need to try to wear in the coming months.

And another…shoes. I bought a pair of TOMS peep toe heels and a few pairs of lace-up flats that, to me, are a little more feminine than the Converse or ankle boots I usually wear. See, I’m trying…

2. Wear more color. 

I love black and gray and army green. Those are my colors. To wear other colors feels weird to me, but I want to embrace the season of pretty colors. I actually LOVE mint green. I have used it a ton in my home decor.

Outfit pic of the day….

3. Keep working, even when the results aren’t there. 

Maybe not fashion-related, so to speak, but it does affect my fashion. When I am more fit (to my standards), I am more apt to extend out of my own comfort zone in style. Back in late December, I changed my fitness routine just a little bit. Everywhere I turn on social media, I am seeing the push for women to lift more weights versus the push for more cardio. So, I have been lifting weights two to three times a week since late December, with another two to three days of cardio, just depending on the week. I have seen a little change in my arms but nothing much anywhere else. And it’s so frustrating. I am not out to become the next fitness model or anything, but when I am spending time to improve myself, time away from my family, I expect to see some results. And I don’t see anything. I am just so angry about that!

Time at the gym is time away from this bunny, who asks to “do Snapchat.” Is that funny or bad?

I don’t talk too much about fitness on the blog because I’m not looking for affirmation in that regard. It’s a sensitive subject, as I know I’m a healthy weight, I know I’m a healthy size, etc. I am just a firm believer on acting upon things you would like to change, and when I’m acting and acting and acting and not seeing results, I just have no patience and quit. But really, I am just at the point in my life where I want to feel good about my fitness routine, how I look, etc.

I know I’m wandering a bit here, but you know something else I am tired of? The whole “I’m a mom…what’s your excuse?” movement on social media, how some moms who are “fit” are taking to social media with the message “I have three kids and still look fit, so why can’t you?” NO, NO, NO. Don’t get me started on that. And no, fit moms of Instagram, I can’t work out with my kids and “make it fun” because I look over and then the basement is destroyed in three minutes when I have 27 minutes of a workout left. Sorry.

I usually try to keep it light on the blog, but the fitness routine thing has really gotten me down lately. I’m not looking for compliments. I’m just sharing my disappointments. I am going to keep trying to achieve something I can live with while not depriving myself of life’s little treats here and there. But a huge part of me wants to throw in the towel with weights. I won’t, but I wanted to be honest about it here because I’m sure some of you can relate.


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