Love It or Cut It Week: An Experiment in Finding Peace with My Hair

Hey-O! Happy to see you here again! Last time on the blog, we discussed style goals I set for myself. I am happy to report that I have worn two dresses since I last blogged, and I plan to wear my LuLaRoe Cassie skirt this week to work. Yes, I am a super dork and plan out my outfits. It keeps me from standing in my closet for 30 minutes helplessly staring at everything.

LuLaRoe Amelia dress, wearing a size small.
Paired with Old Navy liquid leggings, Target flats, and a Groopdealz necklace. 

LuLaRoe Nicole dress, wearing a size extra small.
Paired with the “iconic” Baublebar Courtney Bib necklace and Old Navy flats.
Oh yeah, and some kids who were over taking pictures with their mommy.

If you have not jumped on the lace-up flats train, GET ON BOARD. Moms, I’m especially talking to you. They make you feel trendy and polished without sacrificing too much comfort. I love them with dresses and pants alike…I usually roll up my pants to let the lace-ups take center stage when I wear them.

Another shoe to consider…CONVERSE sneakers. I wear them at least once a weekend and usually on casual Fridays to work. If you aren’t sure you can commit to black Converse, try white. They are more classic and feminine. There is a super cute women’s white Converse shoe floating around on Instagram (I see this pair daily), so if you are a little gun shy, try the white. You won’t regret it.

But my real topic today is my hair, really “our” hair because I feel like every woman goes through the itch to change her hair almost yearly, if not more frequently. We want what we don’t have, just like with pretty much anything in life. One hundred percent of the time I cut my hair, I have feelings of regret. But my hair is just downright unruly, if I’m being honest. It is quite thick and wavy but not in a cute way. I have to do something to it…I cannot just go all natural with the hair and call it good. Trust me, tragedy would ensue, and you all would not trust me with your style inquiries anymore.

I decided to give myself a week of trying different hairstyles with the length of hair I have…I’m coining it “Love It or Cut It Week” on Instagram. I will write a follow-up blog post after the week is over (and I decide if I’m cutting or not). Here’s what you should know as you follow along on Instagram (@rockstyleteach if you haven’t joined in on the fun):

1. I am average to above-average in braiding skill. I am not Amber Fillerup (Barefoot Blonde). She is a magician with extensions whom I greatly admire. I cannot decide if 32 is too old for braids, but I am just hoping it’s not.

2. This length is about the length where I decide that my hair is unmanageable and cut it. I don’t recall ever having hair longer than this length as an adult. This length is also where my hair stalls and does not seem to want to grow any longer.

3. I constantly wonder if I need some type of “Mom” cut.

4. And perhaps most importantly…CONFESSION: Make-up, clothes, and jewelry will always take precedence over hair. My hair is the last part of my morning routine. I need to be leaving my house by 7:05 in the morning, and with all of the tasks I have to do to get to that point, the hair is usually priority #71. I honestly wear my hair in a topknot/high bun three to four times a week. I want to break the cycle.

The plan is to try out one different hairstyle each day to help me “celebrate” the length of hair I have now. I have not done this when I have been in a hair rut before, so I would like to try this out before cutting my hair and then regretting it. If I succeed in fixing my hair and utilizing that day’s style, I will post a picture on Instagram. At the end of the week, I will blog about the different hairstyles, tell you where I found the hairstyle, and give you a brief tutorial. But quite honestly, I usually look at a Pinterest picture and try to recreate it, following my own steps.

So to kick off “Love It or Cut It Week,” here is hairstyle 1: the side-braided ponytail.

1. Section off a good amount of hair on one side of your head. Pull the rest of your hair back so it is out of the way.

2. French braid the hair on the side of your head. Secure braid with a tiny elastic.

3. Volumize/tease the hair NOT in the braid at the crown.

4. Pull the hair (including the braid) into a ponytail.

5. Wrap a piece of the ponytail around the elastic and pin underneath to hide the elastic.

6. Tease the top of the ponytail for more texture and volume.

DONE in 10 minutes tops.

A closer look

*Disclaimer: I am not a hairstylist or even above average at fixing my hair. Let’s just call a spade a spade. I am simply a working mom with very little time in the morning (and patience) trying to fight off boring hair one day at a time. My hope with this blog post and the next is that you are encouraged to try new styles to break up your hair routines! See you soon! I will close out the blog with a few pics of my kids…one turns into Sassy Girl with the shades, and the other one was SO excited to find Easter eggs in the backyard.


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