3 Spring Looks on My Radar

(*Taps microphone*) Is this thing on? Are you there? I really wish I was a daily blogger, but the whole life thing gets in the way sometimes. I am responsible for two little people and for teaching tons of kids some language arts skills, so blogging has slipped a bit.

What hasn’t slipped, though, is my pursuit of a fun spring wardrobe. Today’s post highlights three spring looks I am crushing on.

1. Pastel blue nails. 

Blue used to be a very unconventional color to wear on your nails, but I would venture to say it is pretty normal now. A pastel blue, to me, is still conservative enough in that it’s a pastel, a softer hue. To me, though, it is just edgy enough of a spring color that still fits the season but isn’t your typical pastel pink. Give it a try! Now is the time to wear the pastels because when the end of May/beginning of June hits, most women shift to brights and even neons.

I am wearing OPI’s “It’s a Boy!” My friend Deb gifted me Color Club’s “Meet Me at The Rink” to try out. She says Color Club is a worthy polish, so I will give it a whirl once I have some time to paint my nails again. This picture was from last week, when I was sporting a fresh manicure.

2. White leather handbag.

As moms, we usually run as far away as humanly possible from the color white because … kids. But choosing a white leather handbag (or another wipeable material) may be the solution to adding white to your spring look.

I love a crossbody for running errands with the kids or even going to work since I also carry a large tote to work. Although I obviously can’t fit the contents of my bedroom and kitchen in a crossbody, there is something quite freeing about downsizing your stuff and carrying a lightweight bag.

All bracelets are Stella & Dot. Click HERE to shop all S&D cuff bracelets. The olive wrap bracelet is retired, unfortunately.

When buying a handbag, I ask myself three questions:

Does the style of my bag fit my personal style?

I found this Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip Crossbody at Saks Off Fifth (think Nordstrom Rack but Saks) in Nashville when I went to visit my sister. Rebecca Minkoff is an up-and-coming American designer whom not a lot of people I hang with/talk to know about, so that is why I like her all the more. Now don’t get me wrong. . . I love Coach and Michael Kors bags just as much as the next girl, but Rebecca Minkoff-designed bags, to me, are the perfect blend of designer quality but still within reach budget-wise. She also subtly blends edgy with feminine and classic styles (hence the structuring of the classic crossbody with chain, zipper, and fringe detailing), which is exactly the style I gravitate toward. I really like a traditional structuring to my bags, but I do like edgy details but not so edgy that it looks like I’m trying too hard. Does that make any sense at all? Anyone?

And P.S. I about wept tears of joy when I saw the price of this crossbody. Usually, these bags are at least in the $130-140 range on sale, so finding it for less than $100 was a BLESSING. Ash, I loved finding your wedding dress and all, but the Rebecca Minkoff bag came in a close second. HA.

 Does the size of the bag work with my frame?

This size of bag is the smallest I would go since I have a larger frame, but the chain detailing makes it seem just a bit heavier. That principle goes the other way, too, in that petite ladies should shy away from larger totes that overwhelm their frame.

How many places would I carry this bag? 

I do not buy many clutches or spend too much on them because I don’t carry them often enough. If I can carry the bag to work, out on errands, and to church, then I don’t mind spending a bit more on that type of bag.

3. Stretchy pencil skirts. 

Back before I had kids, I avoided wearing ANYTHING that remotely resembled a pencil skirt for something other than an interview. I was a bit heavier back then and felt I was too big to be doing such things. I wish I could go back in time and slap myself really quickly. Yes, I have lost weight and wear a few sizes smaller in clothing, but I also don’t think you have to be below a certain size to wear a pencil skirt. This silhouette is feminine and actually very flattering on several body types.

Old Navy perfect tee, Target VEST (OBSESSED) and loafers, Stella and Dot rebel pendant from MY STELLA & DOT WEBSITE, Rebecca Minkoff bag.

I am a HUGE fan of the LuLaRoe Cassie skirt. Most of the Cassies are stretchy and have give to them to where you don’t feel constricted and uncomfortable the whole day. I have worn mine to church and to work, but I can’t wait to style it with some Chucks and a graphic tee for a casual look.

Like I have said before, pay close attention to the size of your print. I personally shouldn’t wear a smaller print because a smaller print is not in line with my frame.

If you are a little hesitant to wear a pencil skirt, a LITTLE extra fabric may remedy that. You can size up one size. Now, listen. I didn’t say TWO sizes up. Please promise me you will wear one true to size or a LITTLE big. If you go TOO big, the pencil skirt loses its flattering shape.

P.S. Here is a sneak peek at the one I just bought.

Yes, I love Cassies, but I have been pushed to add more color into my wardrobe, thanks mostly to my sister Mallory, and so I will be styling this one very soon.

Thanks for reading today, gals! Catch you next time, hopefully sooner than later!



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