#OOTD Round-Up: A Universally Flattering Skirt and Amazing High Rise Jeans

Happy May! Happy sandal weather! I am ending my Mother’s Day by doing something I love (blogging about style), but I want to preface this post by telling you that I have to buckle down and finish my online class in the next month (the class is to transfer my Illinois teaching certificate to an Iowa certificate). So what does that mean? I will continue to keep up with my Instagram posts, but blog posts may be few and far between in this crunch month.

June will be an exciting month for me. I will close out my tenth year of teaching (my first year in Iowa), finish up my online class, go to Florida with my family, celebrate my ten-year wedding anniversary, and relaunch my image consulting business! I have done some consulting here and there on the side for a while, but I would like to take on more, especially in my summers off, so stay tuned for that! I will be taking online and local clients, so if you are eager to know more about image consulting/personal styling, you can email me at lularoeheatherlindenmeyer@gmail.com in the meantime!

I thought I would write a blog or two this month highlighting a few outfits posted on my Instagram and tell you a bit more about my thought process when putting these looks together.

Last week, my most “liked” photo on Instagram (though it was close) featured the LuLaRoe Azure skirt. It is an A-line skirt (fitted at the waist, flared out at the hip), and to me, the A-line is flattering on nearly any body type. I have blogged about the Azure before (SEE THIS POST), but my favorite feature of it has to be the yoga waistband that can be folded up or down, depending on how long or short you need it to be. It is modest enough for me to wear to school, which is like a victory in itself for me. I am thisclose to hating wearing black skinny pants every day of my life, so skirts have provided a nice alternative.

Why had I not purchased this skirt until now? It took me seeing it in person. Being completely transparent with you here, I thought the ways I had seen it styled were one of the following: too matronly, too boring, or too feminine for my personal style/taste. When I saw this print in person, though, I was excited.

We had a wind situation that day!

How did I style it? I print mixed with stripes to keep the outfit fun. Stripes are still traditional enough of a print for a professional setting, but they are also more exciting than a solid shirt. I also added ankle boots to keep me out of the overly feminine realm. I like my style to have edge, so owning a pair of plain black ankle boots has really helped me achieve that style. I can’t tell you how many times I have worn these boots since I bought them in the fall.

I feel like I need to address something. Wait. That sounded pretty dramatic. Well, I just want to say that you have to dress for BOTH your professional environment (if you’re working) and your personal style. I do not have a conventional style. I realize this almost every day I scroll through Instagram! When I was a young teacher, about seven years ago and even farther back in time, I had NO idea what my personal style was. I dressed like a teacher, what I thought a teacher should dress like. But I was SO bored! I did not like fashion nearly as much as I do now. What helped me make the change? 1. Becoming a mother and truly trying to find who I was in the midst of trying to figure out how to raise another human being. 2. Working with my friend/image consultant mentor Carolyn Yoder. When I interned with Carolyn, she showed me how to consult with clients by having me serve as the client. She taught me so much, and now I love to use this knowledge to help other ladies figure out this conundrum called personal style!

Just knowing my personal style has helped me make so many good decisions when I shop. It may sound completely silly to you (to each her own), but I am a better, more confident person by wearing outfits that project the image I want to project, the image that matches my personality. So of course, you need to pay attention to where you work and what is sartorially acceptable in your environment, but please, for the love, do not check all elements of your personal style at the door. There. I feel better now.

Back to outfits…my personal favorite outfit last week was the one I wore out to the movies with my son!

I had been so back and forth on the LuLaRoe Lindsay kimono since it is a little pricey ($48), but I NEED more color in my wardrobe (even I’m getting bored with my neutrals). I saw this pale pink one, and after two days of debating, I went for it! I paired it with one of my absolute FAVORITE Stella & Dot statement necklaces, Target sandals, and my new favorite “Mom jeans.” My necklace (the Tribal Tassel Necklace) is a budget buster, but when I saw a picture of it in our stylist preview back in January, I was OBSESSED. My sandals are the Merona Esther Slides from Target (in snakeskin), and we need to discuss these jeans. Right this second.

I have wanted to try high rise jeans for a while now, and as I was walking out of Old Navy this past weekend, I saw a light wash distressed pair. They were the Rock Star fit, which usually doesn’t flatter me, but since I saw “high rise” on the tag, I thought I’d give them a try.

I tried on a 6 regular (most stores do not carry talls), and I felt really good about the fit and length. I have two pairs of 4s from Old Navy, but in most cases with their pants and jeans, I wear a 6. I loved the rise of these jeans for eliminating any potential muffin top situations. Perfect for Moms, who have to bend and stretch and chase…the list goes on! However, as I walked around in them for a few hours, I noticed a little extra bagginess in the backside/thigh area and waist. My store did not have a 4, so I ordered online. I will try the 4 and see if they are too tight. Then I will ultimately make my decision on the size to keep. But the fit is magical in the rise and in the legs. And for less than $30 on sale? Go now! I’m linking them HERE.

This week on my Instagram, I will be wearing one of the outfits I have chosen for the We Are Teachers wardrobe on a budget blog feature (details coming soon)…we should have a guessing game to see if you can figure out which one I have chosen! Follow along (@rockstyleteach) and join the fun! Have a great week!


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