Summer Updates…And Cheers to New Adventures!

Hi there, dear friends! I took a brief break from blogging to finish out my school year, finish my online class, get my teaching license renewed, spend some time soaking up some sun and salt water in Florida, and take a GIANT leap of faith when it comes to fashion…more on that in a minute…oh, and take care of two kids along the way!

So, HI! I felt like a good step back into blogging would be to update you on happenings I discussed in my top two most popular posts I have written fairly recently: braces and LuLaRoe. So braces…I have been in braces for almost four months now. It took my mouth a good week to ten days to get used to those braces poking around in there. In six weeks, I noticed a drastic difference in my smile. To see a before picture and to read more details about the process (in case you missed my post), HERE is a link back to it.

One of my family members was initially insistent that I never needed braces in the first place, but when she took a look at our vacation pictures, she said my teeth looked really nice, so that meant a lot to me.

Here is somewhat of an update picture. I have like one recent close-up of my teeth, and it’s a selfie with my dog.
Yep. I was sad about boarding him right before vacation…hence the picture. 

Downsides: Not a whole lot for the payoff, to be honest. I smile with my teeth now. I would always strategically curl my lip or not show my teeth to smile before I had braces. My front teeth were so darn crowded that now that they’re straightening out a ton, I have a significant overbite, which will be corrected with two teeth extractions later this summer. Another bummer…as you can probably tell, I have the clear braces on the top teeth, so the bands tend to get really yellow quickly, creating the illusion of my teeth being more yellow than what they actually are. But when I think they’re looking yellow, I just go in for a band change. No big deal.

LuLaRoe. Hands down, not even a close race…most of you seemed to find my LuLaRoe sizing and review post most helpful/interesting (hopefully?). It has attracted hundreds of new readers. If you didn’t get the chance to read it, I’ve linked it HERE for you!

My LuLaRoe obsession started on Pinterest in January when I saw tons of pictures of cute leggings and long tunic tops paired together. I decided to buy an Irma and two pairs of Valentine’s leggings (one for me, one for my daughter). Nineteen pairs later…(I counted), in a month or so, I will officially become a LuLaRoe fashion consultant!

LuLaRoe Irma (ribbed gray, size XS) and OS heathered pink leggings.
Utility vest and sandals from Target. 

So why would I do that? There are a lot of reasons. I have a passion for teaching, and I find great fulfillment in my line of work as a high school English teacher. But I also have a passion for style, most notably helping/walking alongside moms who feel like they lost their way style-wise after having kids. LuLaRoe has really revolutionized shopping for moms, in my humble opinion. I can sit on my couch while shopping a Facebook sale and snag clothes that (after an initial try-on) I know will fit me. I don’t have to take my kids into a store to try on clothes. I get that online shopping anywhere helps one do that, but the not-so overwhelming number of styles LuLaRoe carries helps the process of shopping out a ton as well.

I am so into the Lindsay kimono right now with a tank/tee and cutoffs!
I wear a small in the Lindsay, which I also wore as a swimsuit cover-up on vacation!

Also…as a freelance image consultant, I find it so rewarding to help women find their unique style, one that speaks to their personality. As a LuLaRoe consultant, now I can offer these women specific styles that cater to their body types and the occasions they’re shopping for. When I work as an image consultant, the plan is never to create Heather Lindenmeyer clones…it’s to celebrate individuality in style. LuLaRoe will afford me the opportunity to use my passion for and knowledge of style/current trends to help others recreate their wardrobes!

I am not a skirt person by nature, but I have been converted!
I’m wearing the LuLaRoe Azure in a size small here.
Tank is from Target, bag is Rebecca Minkoff, sunnies are Stella & Dot, and sneakers are Converse from Kohl’s.

I will not lie… the number one drawback is the scariness of the upfront costs. But my husband, who is super conservative with budgeting and such (as we all can probably figure out, I’m not that way….) is behind me 100 percent, and he is usually wishy-washy (putting it mildly) on my spending habits (cough… Target purchases…). Since he is behind me in this endeavor, I am all the more excited.

My first LLR dress, the Nicole, in an XS.
If it has camo on it, I’m probably buying it…

To count down to my official consultant launch in late July/early August, I will be highlighting one of my top 5 favorite LLR pieces each week on the blog. Think David Letterman style. #5 will be up first later in the week, all the way to #1 next month. As of today, I have tried and/or own the following LLR pieces: Julia, Nicole, Amelia (dresses); one size and kids’ small/medium leggings; Irma, Classic, Perfect (tees); Cassie, Maxi, Azure (skirts); Lindsay (kimono).

I am so very excited at the opportunity to be your LuLaRoe fashion consultant, and I plan on doing some super awesome giveaways in my launch sale, so please stay tuned. If you’re unfamiliar with LuLaRoe, I hope reading my blog and future blog posts will help you see the awesomeness to your wardrobe that will ensue when you have some LLR in your life!

Hmmm…Which LLR styles should I carry?! So many options…

And before I go…I would LOVE for you to give @lularoeheatherlindenmeyer a follow on Instagram so you can see how I style my LuLaRoe and to stay up-to-date on my journey toward becoming a consultant.


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