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Think of a time you were invited to a bridal shower, a wedding, a baby shower, some special occasion that required you to dress up. What would you wear? Most of you would order a dress online, make something work in your closet, borrow from a friend, or venture out to the mall to snag a dress. Raise your hand, though, if you really struggled to do any of those things. (Psst…I am raising my hand.)

I would like to declare that being a 5’11” 32-year-old mother makes shopping for skirts and dresses tough. In the past, the only place I would be able to find a dress long enough for me was online, shopping Old Navy’s “tall” section. In all honesty, though, sometimes the tall dresses are, shall we say, boring, and I would have to wear a ton of accessories to dress them up. These dresses did not speak to my personal style at all. I’m also in this weird age bracket in that I don’t want to wear juniors or misses sizes. I would love to see a “trendy Mom” section in a department store because it’s either dresses my high school students would wear or dresses their grandmothers might wear.
But then LuLaRoe happened. After I found out about LuLaRoe leggings and tunics (after seeing them on Pinterest), I soon found out that LuLaRoe consultants carried skirts and dresses as well. I was intrigued but a little gun shy to actually buy one. Once I tried them on after hosting an online pop-up shop in my home, I was pleasantly surprised that all of the dresses I tried were plenty long enough for my comfort level. Now granted, everyone’s comfort level is a little different. I’m just speaking to my comfort level in dress/skirt length.

In preparation for my LuLaRoe consultant launch in late July, I am writing a post on each of my top five favorite LuLaRoe pieces. My number 5 pick happens to be a dress. It was really hard to narrow it down to which dress I liked best. I own one Julia dress, two Amelia dresses, and one Nicole dress. I actually tried them all on one more time to determine which was my favorite. I still couldn’t decide. I love them all equally for different reasons, but the one I’m going to highlight today is my one actual favorite dress I own: my camo print Nicole.

I’m highlighting the Nicole dress for two reasons: 1. Camo print. Is. Life. It’s my favorite print I’ve ever seen on a Nicole (so far). 2. This style of dress will be in my initial inventory, so I want to tell you more about it.

For reference, I am typically a size 6 (sometimes a 4), and I am wearing an XS Nicole.
On the size chart, the XS is said to fit a 2-4. I could also wear a S Nicole.
Here’s why I love the Nicole:
1. It has sleeves. I hear a lot of women comment on how uncomfortable they are showing their arms. The sleeves make it so you don’t have to buy an extra piece (cardigan, jacket, etc.) to wear over the dress if you don’t want to.
2. It is flattering on all body types, most especially pear-shaped women. Most every woman looks good in an A-line skirt. I like that the dress is fitted above the waist and flares out past the natural waist. I carry my weight in my bottom half, so the dress accentuates what I want it to accentuate and hides the rest.
3. The fabric. It’s breathable and not too heavy if you wanted to wear a Nicole in the summer. I wore this dress to Easter service in March, and I plan to wear it teaching this fall as well. A dress for all seasons. Yay.
LuLaRoe makes dresses in HUNDREDS of prints that appeal to so many. I’m sure several of you reading are thinking, Hmm. I would never wear a camo dress. And that is completely fine because there are hundreds of other prints out there for you to choose from! You can dress this dress up with heels and a statement necklace for a wedding, wear it with gladiator sandals when you’re out with your family, or add a long pendant necklace and ankle boots for a dressy-casual look (like I did above).
Here is our Easter picture (happy kids, right?).
I dressed it up with a statement necklace and lace-up flats.
I am so excited to carry this dress in my inventory, and at $48, the dress is more budget friendly than a department store dress of the same quality. To be one of the first to see my initial inventory and see more of my styling suggestions for the Nicole dress (among other LLR pieces), join my shopping group HERE
LuLaRoe consultant update: As of June 30, I am very close to being “onboarded”; we are talking maybe two, maybe three weeks away. When you are “onboarded,” you order your initial inventory, and it is sent to you in about a week for your very first sale.
Want more LLR styling tips? Follow me on INSTAGRAM. Have a great Fourth of July weekend!

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