Six Tips for Rocking a Monochromatic Look

The monochromatic outfit is an artsy take on fashion. It can create drama but can also look classic and streamlined at the same time. Here are six tips I follow when I put together a monochromatic outfit.

Tee is ZSupply from Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls (size small).
Bracelets are all Stella & Dot. Clutch is from Express.
Jeans are from American Eagle, and sandals are from Target (last season).

1. What’s your favorite color? Though it is July, I instantly thought, Buddy the Elf…What’s your favorite color? Did anyone else? Anyway…think about a color that’s your “soul color.” What color do you feel best in? What color feels right to you? What color do other people say looks really good on you? And most importantly…what color is aligned to your personal style? Case in point: black. Black looks very harsh on a ton of women, but it fits my edgy personal style. If you think about it, though, someone like my sister, who has a classic/feminine style, would probably want to stay away from an all-black look.

2. Vary textures. In my look that I wore for a casual date night out, I paired a vintage/worn basic tee with distressed denim. My sandals were also a faux leather. The softness of the tee balanced out the heaviness in the jeans and leather sandals.

3. Create visual interest. I think it’s important to show the appropriate amounts of skin to break up the one color. I went with a V-neck neckline and wore the jeans with holes instead of pairing the tee with my basic black skinny jeans. I also wore sandals as a nod to the current season and to break up the black in appropriate amounts.

4. Vary your hues. If you look closely, you will see that my tee is actually a vintage black, almost a light black, if that makes any sense. Had I gone with a basic black tee, I think the look would’ve been a little too harsh for summer.

5. Keep it current. Since the monochromatic look has been around for decades, I suggest adding something current/trendy to your look so you look more relevant. Distressed denim is all the rage right now (silently praying this trend is here to stay…) as are lace-up details and tassels found in my sandals.

6. Add a complimentary print in your bag. If you still think your look needs more visual interest (translation: it’s still boring to you), think about adding a printed clutch that heavily features your chosen color. Otherwise, keep your accessories pretty minimal to not distract from the rest of the outfit.

Still a little gun-shy about wearing one color head to toe? Take baby steps! Consider first adding a jacket, cardigan, or kimono in a contrasting color. In my look, I chose a soft pink LuLaRoe Lindsay kimono (wearing a small, for reference) that contrasts with black in my look.

I hope those tips help you consider trying a monochromatic look. Taking some risks with your fashion, in my opinion, helps you truly find your personal style.


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