My Absolute (Current) Favorite LuLaRoe Piece: Your Questions about Leggings ANSWERED

Dang you, Pinterest. I could say dang you, but maybe thank you is more appropriate. Thanks, Pinterest, for introducing me to my absolute favorite LuLaRoe piece: THE LEGGINGS. And thanks, Pinterest, for eventually leading me to the opportunity to own my own boutique of sorts as a LuLaRoe fashion consultant.

Let me tell you a little story. Back in January 2016, Pinterest suggested that I pin pictures of these crazy-looking leggings. At first, honestly, well…I felt they were a little out there. I mean, Come on. I’m a style blogger. I take my fashion seriously. (I say that in jest…just so we are clear…) But I kept looking at these pictures thinking, These ladies look comfy and happy in these leggings. A friend of mine (Kristie, HI!) asked me if I had heard of LuLaRoe, and I told her that I really didn’t know much about it. Soon enough, I was a member of several Facebook groups hunting for Valentine’s Day leggings for my daughter and me.
My very first Irma and our first set of Mommy and me leggings.
It was crazy how my obsession happened that fast…So then I decided to blog about my LuLaRoe experience, then I kept buying more and more styles, and THEN I became a consultant. So it goes, as most consultants say.
This blog post is one in a five-part series where I am counting down my top five favorite LuLaRoe pieces. I thought I would provide you some insight into the world of LuLaRoe leggings by answering questions I get asked most frequently.
First, let’s get to sizing. My daughter is 2, a size 4T, and the kids’ small/medium size, which fits sizes 2T to 7, are big on her, as in she probably has at least two more years in them. So I don’t worry about paying $23 for a pair of leggings she can wear for years. As for me, I am 5’11”, typically a size 27″/6 in jeans, and comfortably wear one size, which are designed to fit sizes 2-10. And yes, they are long enough for me. Look at my pictures as proof! For research, I tried on the tall and curvy (fit sizes 12-24) when I got my first box of leggings because I wanted to see if the extra two inches in length made a difference. I have read about several tall ladies who are under a size 12 who love tall and curvy. They did not work for me because the waist and groin area were too big. Now you know.
Why do you love these leggings? What sets LuLaRoe leggings apart from any other pair of leggings you own? That’s the next question I usually get (after the “are they really long enough for you” question). I love the feel of them. They truly are the softest leggings I’ve ever owned. I wear them 99% of the time we travel.
Easiest/comfiest travel wear EVER. Irma and leggings and Converse.
I also love that they’re not completely see-through. See-through leggings are just honestly super unfortunate. Let’s be honest. But most of all, I love that they add personality to your look. I’ve seen everything from vintage cell phones, Big Foot, chihuahuas, hogs, elephants, planets, bows, and everything in between printed on leggings. You get to pick what speaks to you! If solid colors speak to you, then more power to you!
Hot pink is one of my favorite solid colors I own. PSST…I will have some hot pink for sale on Thurs., 7/28.
I would love for you to join my Facebook group to shop with me! Link is below!
Another reason I love the leggings is because of the joy in my daughter when we wear matching/coordinating leggings. “Mommy, you have leggings like MEEEEE?!?!” is like the cutest thing she has ever said to me. It is tied with the line my son said the other night at tee ball practice for the most heartwarming comment one has ever directed at me …When he was “on deck,” he turned to me and said, “Mom, you are just the best mom ever.” And believe me, he is not the kid who doles out compliments. You EARN those compliments. But anyway, back to the leggings. I love coordinating outfits with my 2-year-old daughter. There. I said it.
Another question I get a lot, too: Do you really wear leggings to teach in? Yep! Sure do! I wear solids or “expected” prints, as in prints you typically see in clothing (muted tie dye, camo, etc.). For my comfort level, I usually wear a dress over mine (Remember? 5’11”? And can I add extra long torso?). If I do wear a tunic, I make sure my front and backsides are completely covered. And I usually layer a vest or long cardigan over the tunic and leggings as well.
A tunic and leggings layered with a utility vest is a favorite go-to look for me.
See? I just made my leggings a little fancier.
Truth be told, I have paid retail for every single pair of leggings I own, so I hope you know that this post is still an honest review! I have yet to keep a single pair of leggings for myself out of my new inventory! I am still debating on one pair, though… I am also holding my very first Facebook live sale TONIGHT (Thursday, 7/28/16)… Click HERE to join my group and snag some of your own!

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  1. Sun Dry October 27, 2016 / 11:49 am

    Happy with purchase. I was looking for a longer capri. I have large calves and most capris hit right in the middle of them. These were longer. I measured the inseam and they are 22″ as advertised. I washed the pattern leggings and hung dry with no issues.

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