The LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt Revisited and Remixed

There is one truth I have known for several years. It is one I learned by age 14 when I stood 5’10” (I added an inch later in college): When you are tall, there is a 95 percent chance a maxi skirt is not going to be long enough for you. I have harbored major maxi skirt envy on my shorter friends for many years.

When my friend Corissa and I tried on several different LuLaRoe styles at a local show before I became a LuLaRoe consultant (read the post HERE), I tried on a maxi skirt. Many consultants recommend that you size down one size in the maxi, and so I tried on an XS maxi, which did not work for me. It was too short and too snug in the hip. Disappointed, I decided to abandon the maxi for a while, just passing it off as one LuLaRoe style that wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to when I became a consultant. One of the skirts in my initial inventory was the maxi, so I decided to revisit it. Since it is $42, I wanted to make sure I could style it in several different ways. I decided to try on smalls and mediums. (For reference, I am 5’11”, a size 6, and wear smalls in most pieces of LLR that run true to size.) I felt like the medium was too big in the waist and had a little too much fabric coming off my hips, but the small was just right. So in my case, the size chart for the maxi was wrong, and I would suggest that you stay true to size. I guess I should add that I carry most of my weight in my bottom half.
I will say that the small maxi skirt was longer and fit my body much better than the XS I tried on in April. What a RELIEF!! I have found over the past few weeks that many new readers want to know how the LuLaRoe styles truly fit tall people, and I am happy to be the LuLaRoe tall lady spokeswoman/blogger! Yes, the maxi skirt is long enough for me when I stay true to size. And here are some different ways I styled one from my inventory, a cotton one that is gray and black-striped.
1. WORK.

Posing with my favorite teacher planner is a must. The Erin Condren teacher planner, that is!
Tee and denim top are from Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

I am a teacher by day, so the number one place I’d be wearing a maxi would be to work. Let’s logically think about the maxi for work. It’s comfy and modest, two traits we’re going for in our teacher wardrobes, right? The maxi has a yoga-style/foldover waistband that allows you to adjust the length as you see fit. I do not fold mine over to add a little bit of extra length.

See how long this skirt really is? I planned to show you that I wore ankle boots with the maxi,
but they’re barely peeking out!
Bracelets and bar necklace are from Stella & Dot.
Long pendant necklace is from Fira Boutique in Champaign, Illinois.
Here I paired the maxi with a simple v-neck tee and denim shirt for a fall transitional look. When it came to styling this skirt, I tried to think of pieces that most of you would already have in your closet, and so here we are! I think it’s important to keep the neckline open (or try a tank…see below) when wearing a maxi skirt to balance out the amount of fabric on the bottom half. Also, a denim shirt is a fun alternative option to a cardigan for teachers working in air conditioning at the beginning of the school year.

Bag and bracelet are Stella & Dot. See more details on the bag later in this post.
Tank is from Target, and red Converse are from Famous Footwear.
I wanted to also style the maxi in a casual way, one I could wear on most any given weekend. Saturdays for me include a little shopping, maybe a lunch out with my family, and lots of playing, as I have a four year old and a two year old.

Here I paired the maxi with a band tank (any graphic tank will do) and sneakers. Shorts with this look would be predictable, and I like that the maxi is unexpected.

Thanks to some stylish ladies on Instagram, I learned how to knot my maxi skirt on one side so I can stay cool in these sweltering August temps.


Necklace, bracelets, and clutch are Stella & Dot.
Belt is from Von Maur.
Black Joy vest is LuLaRoe, size XS.
Peep toe booties are Old Navy.


I have also seen the maxi pulled up to be worn as a strapless midi dress, so of course, I had to try it out! I personally am not a huge fan of strapless dresses on me, so I paired it with my black Joy vest for more coverage. The Joy added texture, too, which is one of my must-haves in any look I put together (variation in texture is good). Word of caution with this one, though. My initial idea was not to wear the belt. When I saw the look put together, though, I could not see my shape! So I added the belt, and honestly, I look like I lost about 10 pounds in a matter of one minor accessory addition.

This look would be perfect for a late summer casual wedding or a date night out. I will say this over and over again…accessories make or break an outfit and determine the occasion! Do not be shy about adding several different styles of accessories to your wardrobe!


Speaking of accessories…I have been asked about my tote a few times. As you can tell if you follow me on Instagram, I carried a lot of crossbody bags this summer, but I missed my planner a ton! I have a personal planner that I need with me at all times to function on a basic level as a working mom, so I was on the hunt for a bigger bag for a few months. When this new HUDSON TOTE came out in the Stella & Dot fall line, I had to have it. Now I am a stylist and earned it at a discounted price, but let me tell you why I gravitated toward this particular bag. I personally loved the size, the amount of pockets on the inside, and the perforated detailing. Granted, it is not a budget-friendly piece, but I will offer you two of my opinions on this matter. 1. You can host a show with your friends and earn one for free. 2. I have had great luck with all of my Stella & Dot bags and stand behind the old adage you get what you pay for here.
And just like that, it’s almost time to get back in the classroom! I know I will be adding one or two maxi skirts to my professional wardrobe, and I hope I’ve shown you how to style yours or why you may need to add one to your closet. If you’re shopping for a LuLaRoe maxi, join me in my private Facebook group HERE! Teachers, I am praying for another successful year for you and for you to make an impact on the students who need it the most!

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