#HowIRoe While Teaching: A Few LuLaRoe Styles I Wear to Work

Happy September/pumpkin spice season! Now that school is in full swing for most of us teachers, I have started to think about the pieces I wear most often to school or pieces I’m looking to add to my teaching wardrobe.

Let me tell you a little secret…I do not buy anything just for teaching anymore. My wardrobe has to have versatility in that I need to be able to wear each piece I buy for more than one purpose…unless it’s really awesome, and in that case…I would probably reconsider. But not usually. This post will show you how I make these pieces work at work…see what I did there? Clever.
The Carly dress
Please don’t judge the mirror situation at my school. Ha.
This Carly is a small, and I definitely need to belt it to give me some shape.


This Carly is an XS. Gray with gold is my jam.
And would you look at that? I actually got up early enough to fix my hair!
The Carly is great for teaching because COMFORT. Need I say more? You feel like you’re wearing a big t-shirt, which is all kinds of awesome. I’ve already talked about the Carly in THIS POST, but I will add an update to that one and say I can also wear an XXS Carly, though I probably need to wear it with leggings to work.
I love Carly as a tunic as well. This one is the XXS that I would need to pair with leggings for work.
I could wear the XXS on its own (no leggings) for a date night.
I made my husband take this picture of me right after I opened the box and found this one in there.
The print/color scheme on this one is SOOO amazing.
(Side note: I’m 5’11”, a size 6, and can also wear an XS and a S Carly.) The Carly is really a blank canvas that can be accessorized to fit any occasion, and this weekend, I am planning on trying a Carly with skinny jeans for yet another look.
The Irma tunic
I love an oversized top and fitted bottom silhouette. That’s no surprise to anyone who reads this blog. Yes, I was like every other woman on the planet and bought the Irma to wear with leggings, but I love the Irma with jeans and with dress pants for work as well. Some teachers cannot wear leggings to work at all, but that is no reason to forgo the Irma at work because it pairs well with other wardrobe staples.
When you’re up in front of so many students all day, you don’t want to think about how tight your shirt is or wonder if it’s clinging to the remnants of your Mommy tummy (too far? Well, just being honest…). The Irma covers what you want it to cover!
My favorite way to transition to fall…add ankle boots to EVERY OUTFIT! But that’s for another time.
Here is a flashback to early spring, back when I was cool with my ombre hair.
Can I go back to being cool again? Not feeling so cool these days!
The Randy tee
In all of the schools I’ve taught in over the years, Friday is a Spirit Day in which more casual dress in school colors is acceptable. The Randy tee is PERFECT for this day. Consider finding one in your school colors or in basic colors for optimal accessorizing scenarios.
But the Randy can be dressed up, too. I love tucking my Randys into skirts. Most wear the Randy with jeans for a cute casual look, but again, with a little accessorizing, it’s work-appropriate on any day. I would also wear it with a utility vest, a statement necklace, and dress pants.
These are just three of the pieces on my radar. I have so many more to talk about…stay tuned for future posts much like this one! I’m telling you…it’s like LuLaRoe was made for working moms/teachers!

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