How I’m Accessorizing my LuLaRoe for Fall

So, you guys…how did it become mid-October?! Please explain! This fall (though it’s gone by so quickly), I have taken a new approach to shopping, at least for now! Ha! Usually with the changing of the season, I think to myself, Woo hoo! New season…new clothes! Then I end up spending more than I want to on “budget-friendly” items, which really aren’t budget-friendly in mass quantities, right?! My new approach, though, is to add key fall accessories to my wardrobe and perhaps spend about as much on said accessories as I typically would when buying my lot of “budget-friendly” clothes. So here are some of the accessories I’ve added to my closet or am looking to add to my closet.

1. The duster cardigan

LuLaRoe Sarah cardigan: size small
LuLaRoe Amelia dress: size small
Stella and Dot tribal tassel necklace (with tassels taken off)

I am actually loving the long calf-length cardigan for fall layering, so much so that a normal-length cardigan feels odd to me now! It’s so weird how your perceptions change over the years. For so many years of my professional life, I would wear a solid cardigan, white tee, long necklace, and black pants to work. Yawn. In those days, I thought the duster cardigan was a little “witchy,” so to speak. Ha. I just made up a word.

LuLaRoe Carly dress: size extra small
LuLaRoe Sarah cardigan: size small
Madden Girl black ankle boots via Famous Footwear (last season)

In all actuality, though, the longer cardigan accentuates my taller frame and makes me appear leaner than I really am, which is exciting. I am now the proud owner of three LuLaRoe Sarah cardigans, and though I initially thought I would never buy them or carry them as a consultant due to price ($70), I don’t feel that way now after actually trying them on and styling them in my personal wardrobe. With these Sarahs, you get both quality and versatility. I am wearing my Sarahs with dresses for work or with my LuLaRoe Irma tunic and leggings for a more casual spin. And Sarahs run true to size, so all three of mine are smalls, as I am a size 6.

2. Freebird boots

Freebird Sammi boots in stone

I first heard about Freebird boots on my personal favorite social media platform (Instagram), and I was attracted to their rustic boho style. I have been a Steve Madden fan forever. I remember being a freshman in high school and wearing my first pair of Steve Maddens with pride: the black platform slides.

But again on price. I am a Target boots kind of girl, so spending more than $50 on a pair of ankle boots isn’t easy for me. I have stalked them online for a month or so, and when I found out my favorite local department store (Von Maur) carried several pairs of Freebirds online, I jumped on a sale pair (on sale for $130) because I used a gift card for over half of the cost. YAY.

Old Navy jacket (last spring)
LuLaRoe Nicole dress: size small
Francesca’s Collections necklace
Freebird Sammi boots

I am blown away by the quality and LOVE the distressed look in my wardrobe and in my home decor. So much beauty in the imperfect (spoken by a recovering perfectionist!).

3. Need more utility vests

Same LuLaRoe Carly dress as pictured above
Target utility vest: size small
Francesca’s necklace
Payless ankle boots

OK, I have talked so much about the utility vest that I feel like I convinced myself I need another. I am on the lookout for a black one. I have seen a few that were just OK, but I am looking for a longer (hits at the hip) one.

My favorite way to wear the utility vest is with a dress for work or with a LuLaRoe Randy tee and skinny jeans for weekend. If you see a cute black one that fits the bill, you know where to find me.

4. Need more chunky pendant necklaces

OMG, girls. Help a sister out and help me find chunky pendant necklaces that do not include bubbles or look like they were popular in 2011! Struggles! I love my Stella & Dot rebel pendant necklaces, but I have found that wearing longer tops and more dresses gives me a need for necklaces with more substance, ones that balance out my larger frame a bit better.

LuLaRoe Lindsay kimono: size small
Z Supply tee: size small
Necklace from Twirl Boutique
Stitch Fix pants
Target sandals

I LOVE the necklace from Twirl Boutique in Cedar Falls pictured above , but one downside to not living in Cedar Falls anymore is not being able to shop at Twirl! I did get lucky with one at Francesca’s but am looking for more so I don’t get too bored or predictable!

So tell me…where do you find your chunky pendant necklaces, and what are your fall accessory must-haves? We often lean on our favorite bloggers to find us cute stuff, but I’m not above admitting when I need your help! Thanks for reading!



  1. Shannon October 20, 2016 / 12:47 am

    I have a couple from Francesca's, but I definitely have a Charming Charlie addiction! It's sorted by color, which is probably the best part. I also did a free trial on a Rocksbox subscription. A stylist picks out pieces for you to rent for a month (based on your preferences) and you can buy them at a discounted rate if you decide to keep them. It's a nice way to try stuff you may not like!

  2. Shannon October 20, 2016 / 12:47 am

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  3. Heather Lindenmeyer October 25, 2016 / 8:04 am

    Thanks, Shannon! I tried Rocksbox several months back but got too many pieces that were too delicate for my frame…but I do need to check out Charming Charlie!

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