Why the LuLaRoe Perfect Tee is So Perfect

I am so in love with tee + jeans + boots weather right now. I am starting to think that fall is my favorite season. I love the freedom summer gives me as a teacher, but I don’t like the heat so much. Spring, I could take or leave, and I’m always cold, so winter is out.
And in the fall, call me crazy, but sometimes I actually prefer a really cute pair of distressed jeans over a pair of leggings. Jeans and boots are such a classic combo, but I am a fan of balance in my outfits and have searched high and low for a longer, loose-fitting tee with some weight to it (not sheer or thin) to wear with my skinnies prior to finding LuLaRoe. I love a tunic, but sometimes a tunic isn’t the right look you’re going for…enter the LuLaRoe Perfect Tee.

The Irma was my first LuLaRoe top, and when I went down that special LuLaRoe rabbit hole toward eventually becoming a consultant, I next branched out to the Perfect Tee. I am a size 6 and prefer an XS Perfect, though I can wear XXS or S.

I actually find my Perfect Tees pair with more pieces in my closet: leggings, pencil skirts, jeans, shorts, and dress pants for work. And what better way to celebrate a weekend than in a forgiving top?! Ha!

Still in love with the Freebirds. Still in love with The Great Pumpkin Patch in Central Illinois (where I’m from, where we recently moved back to). Still in love with these beautiful weekends I can spend with my little family and my extended family!


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