The LuLaRoe Julia Dress. That One Dress You Want to Try but are Afraid to…

Hey! Glad you found me! Things are a little different over here on WordPress…I am in the process of a blog reconstruction, but I didn’t want that to deter us from talking about style! So let me just say, thanks for your patience while I am UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I mean on the blog, but “under construction” applies to many facets of my life right about now, unfortunately. HA!

So let’s talk about the LuLaRoe Julia dress today. Yeah. That one.

It’s the t-shirt dress that is fitted to the body, featuring a sleeve that hits at the elbow and a hemline that hits around the knee, depending on how tall you are, of course! It is in somewhat of a stark contrast with most LuLaRoe pieces (aside from the leggings, of course!)  in that it is body-hugging and not oversized. Reviews are mixed. I have some friends and customers who love it, and I have some who won’t even try it on. I have brought my Julia dresses to some of my most recent pop-ups, and several ladies have told me, I can never wear that.

I have to say, what I love most about LuLaRoe is its body-positive mantra, the notion that women of ALL sizes can find clothes that fit them well and are cute, trendy, and comfortable. And I just don’t think the Julia is for the extremely thin body types. Search #lularoejulia on Instagram, and you are bound to find so many women embracing their curves and rocking some seriously cute Julias.

I have had several customers request the Julia in recent weeks, so I decided to cave and start stocking a few in each size. Prior to stocking the Julia, I owned just one. I love it, but it is not something I reach for daily, if you know what I mean. Just like any female, I have days when I do not want to wear anything that is clingy. And in full disclosure, I’m in that rut now. My mental focus on eating right and exercising to care for my body has not been there as of late. We all go through ebbs and flows. It’s life. So needless to say, I was VERY reluctant to try on a Julia when they arrived. But I did because I found one in a print that I LOVED. And here she is.


And in full disclosure again? I felt really pretty in it! It is actually an XS, and I usually take a S in the Julia. SCORE. In dresses, I am a 4/6, depending on the cut and the brand.


I styled it with a long cardigan to create that comfort/balance in wearing a tight dress. A long cardigan also elongates your frame, and adding heeled booties all contributed to a leaner look.

And without the cardigan…


I love the longer sleeve for fall, and we all have days where we want to up the ante style-wise. That’s what the Julia does for me. But I also love the Julia paired with Converse, as I first showed you back in April.


Long story short? Don’t knock it until you try it. Style your Julia with a long cardigan, a long pendant necklace, and heels to create a leaner silhouette.



  1. bretlhaus February 21, 2017 / 6:26 pm

    That print might just be my new unicorn! Love it!

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