Lipsense Review from a Non-Lipstick Wearing Kind of Girl

Fun fact about me: I prefer Nivea lip balm to any other lip product. It’s easy. It’s predictable. I know what color I’m going to end up with (none…ha). However, I have begun to notice that the coloring of my smile is washed out in several pictures I take for my blog. I have actually really noticed this lack of coloring for a few years now, and as I slowly separate myself from my 20s, I realize I need to wear lip color more often.

My favorite beauty brand is Urban Decay, and a few of their lipsticks actually look nice on me (ZZ and Obsessed are my favorites), but I really like the glossy look. So basically I want a little bit of color and some shine. Too often, though, lip glosses (at least the ones I’ve tried…high-end and low-end) do not have staying power.

I am what we would call an Instagram-aholic, and I have seen so many ladies I follow on Instagram trying out and loving Lipsense. So I decided to try it out.


Since I wanted an everyday shade, I chose pink champagne (top one) that leans mauve (purple tint) but not heavily. Just like the directions stated, I applied three layers of the color (waiting five seconds in between each layer). My Lipsense consultant, Shannon Dilley, did tell me my lips would probably tingle when I put it on. That was true, but it was because my lips were going through an exfoliation process. It actually wasn’t too noticeable. Shannon also advised me not to wear my beloved lip balm underneath. I also topped it with one layer of the moisturizing gloss.


Lipsense gives me exactly what I want…color plus a glossy shine. And the color stays for an impressive amount of time. I wore it to church the first time (applied at 8:30 in the morning), and I could still see color on my lips (though the gloss shine faded) when I washed my face that evening before bed. The color lasts through a day of teaching as well, though not as strong of a color showed through that evening when I washed my face, simply because I was talking the entire day.

I will say, this combination is what I will stick with for awhile because 1) it provides color that I can EASILY control (apply more layers or don’t apply more layers), 2) it has a glossy finish to it that looks youthful and natural, 3) I don’t have to worry about reapplying every ten minutes.

And I should add…I am not a “beauty blogger” per se…I use layman’s (lay-woman’s) terms to describe the products I wear. I would definitely recommend you trying Lipsense if you want the same things I want out of lip color.

If you are interested in purchasing Lipsense or seeing what colors are out there that would look best on you, browse Shannon’s website HERE or find her on INSTAGRAM. Each color is $25, and the gloss to apply on top is $20, which is pretty reasonable based on how long the color will last AND how you can pop the gloss over any color you try! Speaking of which…I can’t wait to get my hands on my next shade!

In exchange for this blog post, I received a Lipsense shade and Lipsense gloss for free; however, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.



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