Early December OOTD Round-Up

Hey, friends! December is a crazy busy month for all of us, and this mama is no exception. I feel like I’m racing around the second my alarm goes off but was thankful to get some much needed down time this weekend (and a glorious nap).

I thought I’d stop in on the blog for a quick post on some looks I’ve put together this month and my thought process behind my styling…because any blogger who says, “Oh! I just threw this one together” is not telling the truth… And I will end with three items on my Christmas list in case you want some ideas.



This outfit married my love of black with the spirit of the holiday season. I feel like it’s tied with my Christmas lights LuLaRoe Carly dress outfit (featured later in this post) for my favorite this month. I built a base of a black LuLaRoe Carly (tied on the side) with my favorite black distressed jeggings from American Eagle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn these jeans. I’ve been blogging about them for two years, and I’m still on my same pair. Woo hoo!

I added my hunter green LuLaRoe Sarah cardigan, a plaid blanket scarf, and red Converse to complete the outfit. I wore this outfit to shop in. My husband and I shopped for our two little ones and went out to dinner. Going from store to store, I really don’t like wearing a coat, so the Sarah and the scarf helped to keep me warm.

LuLaRoe sizing: I get tons of LuLaRoe sizing questions ever since I wrote my sizing blog before I became a consultant, so I usually try to tell you what size I’m wearing in my blog posts. I am 5’11″/size 27 in jeans/size 6 (sometimes a 4 on an extremely good day), and I am wearing a small Sarah and an XS Carly. Those are my go-to sizes in those pieces, though I am also able to wear an XS Sarah and an XXS Carly.



I have never tried stripes on stripes before, but honestly, LuLaRoe has helped me to extend out of my comfort zone a bit. It really helped the visual interest factor that the stripes in my LuLaRoe Irma were much skinner than the stripes in my FAVORITE Sarah ever. I love all of my Sarahs (Yeah, I’m addicted. I will go ahead and say it.), but the black and gray stripes just really work nicely in my wardrobe.

AND THESE BOOTS! They are from Target. I’ve linked them HERE. I was almost heartbroken when I waited until Black Friday to get them, only to find them sold out in a size 10! I legit texted my friend Corissa in Iowa to see if her Target had them in my size so she could ship them to me…they were out of stock online and out of my size in my Target. Thankfully, though, they were restocked on Cyber Monday. I ordered them and got a text from Corissa that they were back in stock like 2 minutes later. That’s a true friend right there!

LuLaRoe sizing: XS Irma and S Sarah. Keep in mind Irmas fit me differently because most of my height is in my torso. My legs aren’t really that super long.



My friend Deb is my unicorn huntress. For those of you who are totally confused, hear me out. A sought-after print in LuLaRoe speak is called a unicorn. I told her one of my unicorn Carly prints was this Christmas lights one, and she delivered. I was SOOOO pumped to get this back in October but patiently waited until the holiday season to wear it.

I absolutely LOVE the Sarah + Carly + leggings + boots combination right now. I have gotten a ton of wear out of my heathered charcoal gray leggings this fall/almost winter. And I love the fact that I don’t have to wear dress pants every day of my life…

LuLaRoe sizing: XS Carly, S Sarah, One Size leggings. Yes, I’m 5’11” and prefer one size leggings. I get that question a lot. As I said before, I am a size six and have found TC leggings to be too baggy in some areas, thus defeating the purpose of leggings. But that is just my personal preference.




I love flannels, but styling them for work gets a little tricky when A) you want to look professional and B) you don’t want to look country (just not my thing). I like to wear mine as cardigans over my wardrobe basics because I have spent too many years wearing boring, at-the-hip-but-really-not-at-my-hip-because-I’m-so-dang-tall cardigans. I paired this green + black + pink flannel from Old Navy last year with a LuLaRoe perfect tee, Stitch Fix skinny pants, and Chinese Laundry OTK boots.

And a special shoutout to The Buckle for coming through on some edgy, boho-inspired pendant necklaces for this girl right here! This black fringe one is my favorite, but the one in my Christmas lights Carly picture is a close second.

LuLaRoe sizing: XS Perfect Tee

Now on to my Christmas list.

HANDBAG: I really like to choose a handbag for Christmas. I do not buy too many handbags anymore because I’ve been spoiled by having designer ones and can’t go back, unfortunately. The quality is worth the money, but the money can’t always be there for bags, if you know what I mean.

HERE is my choice for a bag from my absolute FAVORITE handbag designer, Rebecca Minkoff. I’m wanting a tote this year so I can throw my planner in there, a random notebook for writing down lists, and a diaper or two until my girl gets her potty training situation down.

JACKET: I’ve been eyeing BLANKNYC jackets for awhile, and since I already own two black leather jackets, I wanted to go with gray, hunter green, or blush pink. I put THIS ONE on my list and told my husband to choose the color if he chose to get this one for me. EEK. Which will he choose?! I seriously could not decide so allowed him to.

BOOTS: I want another pair of tall boots for those Illinois winters. I already have black and tan but want to add gray. HERE is a budget-friendly pair I found that I’m hoping to see under the tree this year. P.S. Famous Footwear, I heart you. You sell quality shoes at budget-friendly prices.

And that’s all she wrote…literally! Happy December, dear friends. I will be back very soon to ramble on about something else I find important at the time! Thanks for reading.




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