Finding Your Perfect LuLaRoe Sarah Cardigan

Oh, the LuLaRoe Sarah cardigan…how she has taken over my closet…in a good way! My obsession is real. But I will admit as a LuLaRoe customer (not yet a consultant) last winter, I looked at the Sarah and wondered if she was really worth the extra money ($70). I actually bought a Target duster cardigan (for $30) to see if that piece would have the same effect in my wardrobe, and though it was cheaper, it was not nearly as thick and textured and visually interesting as the Sarah. When I finally got my hands on the real thing, I realized how well-made and versatile this piece really is.

I live in Illinois, and it is cold pretty much from November to April, so I plan on getting tons of wear out of my Sarahs. I wear them to work (I am a teacher) multiple times a week with dresses, skirts, leggings, skinny dress pants, etc. I also like how this one adds texture (and in some, even a fun print) to an otherwise predictable outfit.





Just this morning, I woke up to a handful of Facebook messages about the sizing of the Sarahs. I am a size six, and all of the Sarahs I currently own are smalls. I can wear the stretchy extra smalls but only if they’re stretchy. I am smaller on top than I am on the bottom half, so this is probably why I can wear some extra smalls.

Before you buy a Sarah, look in your closet to see what colors would work. Just recently, for example, I noticed I did not have much color in my Sarah collection to offset a ton of black + white + gray in my wardrobe, so I snagged a heathered plum Sarah.


Next, when you find one you like, if you’re shopping online, ask the consultant about the material. I found this guide on Pinterest awhile ago and have tested it out myself…not all Sarah cardigan material is on this spectrum, but the guide helps you see where the missing ones would fit in.


If 5 and 6 are in extra small, I can wear those.

And finally, think about how you personally want to wear your Sarah. I love wearing mine with Irmas and Perfect Tees, so I don’t worry about pairing them with long sleeves. Now that is something to consider if you want to pair your long-sleeved tops underneath. If so, you may want to think about going up a size if your Sarah is on the 1-4 spectrum.

Bottom line, I cannot keep these amazing cardigans on the rack! Tons of my customers are so in love with them. If you would like to shop with me for a Sarah, I would love for you to join my Facebook shopping group HERE. Thanks for the chat…now on to the endless amounts of wrapping + grading I have to do! Check back soon.



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