LuLaRoe Irma, Meet the Structured Jacket.

Hey, friends! I hope 2017 is treating you well so far! You know what helps me kick the winter doldrums? 1. Working out and 2. Planning my winter-to-spring transitional wardrobe. One closet staple that I think every woman should have in her closet is a structured jacket, or one that is fitted to the body. Usually it nips in at the natural waist. This piece especially works great during a seasonal change, like the glorious time when winter leaves us!

One LuLaRoe piece that I think pairs so nicely with the structured jacket is the LuLaRoe Irma tunic. It is made to be oversized and is a wonderful option (obviously) to wear atop leggings. But to maximize the wear of your Irma, throw a fitted jacket over it to balance out that oversized fit. This fitted vs. oversized pairing creates interest in an outfit, not to mention a bit of polish for days you need to look more put together and less casual.


My favorite Irma size is an XS, but I am not afraid to size up to a S if I love the color or print because I know the fitted jacket will help balance things out.


For canvas/utility jackets and jean jackets, I like to shop at GAP or Old Navy. If you are tall like me, I suggest you check out Old Navy’s jacket options that come in tall.

For leather jackets, I love this Target jacket in a size small. For less than $50, it has a luxe and interesting look, not to mention the great fit.


If you have a little more to spend on a leather jacket (but still not more than $100), can I just share the awesomeness that is this jacket from Nordstrom?! It’s faux leather but feels like the real thing and fits like a glove. I read reviews from bloggers that said to size up, so the one pictured above is the gray color in a medium.

I mentioned working out earlier as well. My friend Dannette, who is an amazing fit mama and teacher, was nice enough to connect me with her trainer, and I started on January 1. Documenting my journey here may be annoying to some, but I do what I want… 😉


In all reality, blogging about one of my January goals (working out 5 times a week and incorporating running into 3 of those days) keeps me accountable with my little audience here. I mentioned in my last post that I am making three goals a month this year, “mastering” those, and adding 2-3 more each month so as not to overwhelm myself in January like I have done in previous years.

And believe me…sometimes working out more means loosening up in some other areas…like let’s not talk about the state of my dishes right now in the kitchen. My husband is an amazing partner in our household, and his broken ankle situation has made it a little tougher…but this, too, shall pass. The dishes will be there tomorrow, right?

Bottom line? I love pairing my LuLaRoe with the MVPs in my closet, and I hope you will be inspired to do the same to achieve a universally flattering but easy look.


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