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As I say pretty much every time I post, it’s been awhile since I updated my blog, but here I am on a Sunday morning not sleeping in! That’s OK…a few ideas have been rattling around in my mind lately, so a blog post is overdue.

The last time we caught up with one another, I was explaining my whole goals system versus New Year’s resolutions. One of my goals was to work out five days a week. I killed it for two weeks and felt awesome (and ate all the foods, though!!). Then last week, it was one workout, and this week it was two. I am a firm believer in exercise as medicine in so many regards, but I completely overbooked/overextended myself with my side business (LuLaRoe)…and that’s what happened. But I need to regroup and figure out how to make it happen because this…


The Fitness Cafe, Facebook

OK, got it. Regrouping. Moving on.

Style-wise and beauty-wise, I am in a funk. I would say I go through a style and beauty funk once a year, and winter is usually the instigator. At this point, though, I do not retreat in sadness and cry about winter; I make some changes. I usually go in to Sephora and get some new makeup recommendations to freshen up my look (I wear a full face of make-up usually every day). I consult with my hair stylist about length and color. And I consult with myself about what is not working in my wardrobe and try some new things, recognizing also what I do love, what is working.

I cannot live my life without ankle booties. They seriously do so much in my wardrobe. One, they dress up my leggings. Two, they add edge and polish to some of my work looks. Three, they have a little bit of a heel, and heels make my legs appear slimmer than they actually are. Four, I’m not sweating to death in them because that sometimes happens when I wear tall boots. Here are some of my recent finds:


Cut-out booties at TARGET! REJOICE! I had my eye on some Jeffrey Campbell ones, but I honestly cannot justify spending more than $100 on a pair unless it’s an absolute HAVE TO HAVE. Needless to say, I literally ran to these when I saw them in my store and in my size. These are going to be great going into spring and summer, and my motto always is…Don’t know what color of shoes to wear? Wear taupe. 

Snag your own pair right HERE.


These Lucy Avenue Boutique booties are ones I snagged from Groopdealz on Tuesday of last week. I have had great luck with the ankle boots I have purchased from Lucy Avenue (via Groopdealz), so I bought these in blush, camel, and black (oops). At $25, though, can you go wrong? The answer is no. I don’t have them in my hands yet (they’re supposed to ship on Monday), but of course I will be wearing them everywhere and posting them on Instagram.

Check out the latest clothing/shoe deals on Groopdealz HERE.

So recap: ankle boots are working, but I need to freshen up my style a little bit. I took a baby step this weekend and decided I needed new dress pants for work. I snagged a pair of modern skinny pants from Loft. I only have one piece from Loft in my closet (a super cozy sweater), but I am excited to try out the gray pair I snagged and report back to you on those. I tried them on in the store, and I wore a size 27/4 in those, in case you were wondering on sizing.

And to finish it out here…I decided to try styling my outfits for work on Sunday night to better prepare myself in the mornings. That was a major fail except for this outfit. This one was the only one I liked that I actually wore during the week.

My addiction to LuLaRoe Sarah cardigans is strong. They just finish an entire outfit beautifully and magically slim your figure.

In this look, I’m wearing a small Sarah, an XXS Carly, and one size leggings. When I posted this look in my LuLaRoe VIP shopping group, many were surprised to see how short the Carly was on me. I do like the way the XXS fits, but if I want to wear the Carly without leggings, I usually have to size up to an XS. I would also say this one runs a little shorter, not to mention I have a freakishly long torso.


And I will leave you on a funny note. I snagged the boots in the above picture from Target for $13 on the same day I snagged the cutout booties, so like any good little Instablogger, I tagged Target to show my IG buddies where I found these fab treasures.

Then this happened. Target started following me.


I know you’re supposed to play it cool and all and not toot your own horn when cool people and businesses follow you, but TARGET. The store that fits my every need. The store that helped me keep my sanity when I was a stay-at-home Mom when I wasn’t meant to be a stay-at-home Mom…Target is more than a store to me, so as I told my friend Corissa, the best day of my life was when my kids were born. Then when I got married. Then when Target followed me on Instagram. I’m kidding, but you get the point. Thank you, Target, for making this girl’s day.

Well, friends, I will be back soon to update you on my little makeover (makeup + style) I’m giving myself and will report back on the skinnies from Loft and booties from Groopdealz. Have a blessed week!


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