Spring Wardrobe + Morning Routine Adjustments

I know I’m probably going to age myself here a little bit, but I’m going to talk about the weather…it’s how adults start conversation, right?! Yeah, 60-70 degree weather in February in Illinois is making me so joyful. It has me thinking about spring…and with spring comes wardrobe adjustments, so I thought I’d stop in for a quick minute and tell you what I’m mulling over in my closet and in my life.

First off…spring means skirts, dresses, etc. (AKA not hiding in layers upon layers of clothing), so I am being more intentional about my fitness life/workouts. As I have told you before on the blog, I am SO not a morning person, but it was becoming clear to me that evenings are just too busy in our house too often for me to squeeze in a worthwhile workout. I am a very competitive person, and the person I am most competitive with, in all honestly, is myself. I do not like “easy” workouts…if I’m taking time out of my day to exercise, I’m going to give it 100 percent, and I better be sweating buckets at the end. So last week, I started waking up an hour earlier and getting a workout in. Surprisingly, it’s going pretty well…I alternate between running on the treadmill (since it’s still dark outside) and full body HIIT workouts. On weekends, I am more flexible on when I can squeeze those in since I have more time. I like to go on longer runs on weekends but could only fit in four miles this Saturday and took Sunday and Monday off to spend with my sister, who visited from Nashville.

Last spring and early summer, I was running a 8-8:15/mile pace, but my move back to Illinois really threw off my running routine. Here are my splits from last week. I know like 90 percent of you won’t care, but I’m posting for my own accountability and to show that (even though I HATE when people say this…) you really CAN make the time to work out if it’s a priority. And I’m primarily speaking to myself.


Second…give me all the ankle boots. Wait, that’s not really a wardrobe adjustment at all…there are really only two months out of the year when I probably won’t wear ankle boots (July and August), but I have been recently adding ankle boots in spring colors into my wardrobe. Blush pink is such a beautiful color, for example, but if I wear blush-colored clothing, I look really washed out. Accessorizing with it, though, is perfect for me.


Not the greatest shot of the Valentine’s Mommy and me outfit, but you can really see the boots here…I have worn these at least twice a week since I bought them!

I bought this pair of blush booties (pictured above) with a low heel a few weeks ago on Groopdealz (through Lucy Avenue boutique…always VERY pleased with their pieces), but then I saw a heeled blush bootie I had to have.


These booties are from Apricot Lane Boutique (picture taken from its Instagram account), and I have a black pair from Target that are VERY similar to these that I wear a TON. So I MIGHT be wearing more blush this spring as opposed to so much black. I will report back when I get them in the mail!

Another change…from the LuLaRoe Sarah to the LuLaRoe Lindsay. The Sarah cardigan, as you know, is the long duster cardigan, and truth be told, I will probably wear the lighter ones in the spring. However, I will be alternating some Lindsay kimonos in there as well, as I did this past weekend.


Small LuLaRoe Lindsay kimono paired with a small LuLaRoe Classic Tee

I love how the kimono is easy but also adds that finishing touch to an outfit. I am all about the Sarahs in the colder temps, but on warmer days, I may be breaking out the Lindsays more frequently!

And finally…the jackets. When I’m not wearing the Lindsay or the Sarah, I’m wearing a structured jacket. I am a firm believer in having go-to jackets with a fitted silhouette in your closet. The ones I have been gravitating toward lately cinch in at the waist or are cropped at the tiniest part of the waist.


I have had this Old Navy camo jacket for years, and though it is a tad big on me, I’m not giving it up any time soon. In fact, I think I wore it in my very first blog post back in August 2014!

And my latest find…a spring/summer-friendly leather jacket. I have a black leather jacket from Target that I absolutely love, along with a gray one from Nordstrom, so I thought it was time to add a lighter-hued one. I found one at Express on Presidents’ Day for 40 percent off, so I jumped on it.


It’s hard to tell in the dressing room lighting, but it is a stone/ivory color that will pair amazingly with my spring dresses (and who am I kidding…my predominantly black wardrobe…). I tried on both the medium and the small, and I think the small did more for my figure. I’m pictured in a small, and that’s the one I ended up buying. It is cropped at my natural waist, and the medium added too much volume when I’m trying to use the jacket to slim my figure.

I did not care for the jeans in the picture…these are Express skinny mid-rise in a size six, and I felt like they were bunchy/baggy at my knees. I ended up with the legging mid-rise jean in a six because, to me, those were a truer skinny fit. I wanted to add a pair of jeans (without holes…sad, I know…) to my Friday work wardrobe, so I got both the jacket and jeans for less than the regular price of the leather jacket.

Signing off for now, but I’d love to know…what spring trends are you going to follow in the coming months? Look at me swapping black booties for taupe cutout booties…black is my favorite, if you couldn’t tell. We will chat again soon!




  1. Heidi McGregor February 24, 2017 / 1:03 am

    Heather, you know I love your blog! I love your tips, your ideas, and your transparency! Oh, and I would KILL to have your splits! Im hoping to get there someday… one mile at a time! I’ll be watching the Spring trends… as I lose weight I’m more drawn to fashion and color and booties! Thanks for sharing!

    • rockstyleteach February 24, 2017 / 1:39 am

      Aww thanks, Heidi!!! You definitely will get there, girl! Thanks for the positive vibes!

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