Things that Make You Go Hmmm…

Happy glorious Sunday, my friends! You know why mine is even more glorious? I have a three-day weekend! I plan on doing glamourous things like grocery shopping and getting caught up on laundry, but you know…

Today’s post is all about questions I’m mulling over, and since I love cheesy ’90s music, hence the title.

How do I make my wardrobe/my look in general fun again?

I have been pretty silent on Instagram because I have really been in a style rut myself. I actually hold myself to a high standard in my style 1. because I know how much more confident I feel every day when I put together a look that is in line with my personal style and 2. since I own a LuLaRoe business, I think that’s the least I could do, to be offering my customers some advice in how to style their pieces.

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, though, Instagram can be a trap where “style inspiration” turns to “envy/jealousy,” so I actually start looking for inspiration in my own old pictures.


This is a look I love, and best of all, it’s one I put together with pieces I already own. I am actually going to try to find another utility vest in another versatile color. I haven’t seen anything at Target lately, so I may branch out to other stores, which isn’t really like me. HA. And to be honest, I forgot I used to do my hair in this braided topknot, too, so SCORE. I know having a style Instagram account isn’t for everyone, but my advice to you today is when you really feel like you nail it in your look, have someone take your picture. Save it to your phone, put all of those fashion successes in a little folder, and look back at them for inspiration! I obviously put myself out there and have my @rockstyleteach Instagram account, so that’s where my pictures go!


Here is my latest look. I was wondering if LuLaRoe would be adding more spring/lightweight Sarah cardigans to the mix as the seasons change, and then I got this beautiful peach one. Question answered. My sister Ashley and I have this running joke about how much black we wear, so it’s a no-brainer than I paired my peach Sarah cardigan with a black and white Amelia dress and black booties. These Target booties were $35 back in October, and I’ve definitely gotten my wear out of them.


My daughter Johanna will be 3 next month, and I got to spend the morning + afternoon with her at my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. Her personality is definitely changing from mild, meek, and sensitive to sassy and opinionated. Case in point: our argument over her dress. She wanted this other dress from Target that I had “meh” feelings about, and I wanted this one. She “vocalized” her displeasure when I put her dress back in favor of this one, but somehow I got her to come over to my side. I think I offered to take her to look at shoes. HA. She also loves booties, and she is starting to tell me how she wants her hair fixed. Her hair is REALLY long for her age, but it is still very fine, so braids don’t hold as well. She asked for “Elsa,” so I braided down one side of her face and gathered all of her hair into a side pony.

By the way, I think I have found the perfect pastel blue nail color: OPI It’s a Boy.

Why do I buy all the booties?

I am an ankle boots addict, and I just calculated last week…I wear them 7 days a week… ha ha. Here’s why. They are the perfect transitional shoe. I can wear them to work, to grocery shop, to church…basically whenever and wherever (Shakira song just popped in my head…). I read this blog post recently about pointless things we moms used to do before we had kids, and I laughed out loud when one of them on the list was “fix our hair.” That is the one problem I have in the morning…I would rather spend my time on my make-up and outfit, not my hair. But what I don’t have to spend my time on is picking out just the right shoe. I have a closet full of ankle boots that will look great with anything I would wear.


Here is the latest edition to my ankle boot family (which is growing into Duggar-like proportions)…but my question is, who DOESN’T need pink cut-out ankle booties?! These are currently on Groopdealz for one more day in several different colors.

Do I need a bomber jacket?

You know structured jackets hold a special place in my wardrobe, and now that bomber jackets are so trendy, I am contemplating adding one to my closet. I think the LuLaRoe Julia dress would look SO cute with a bomber jacket, and so would a Cassie skirt. I don’t like to overly spend on trendy pieces, so I will be looking at Forever 21 in the $20-30 range.

Should I try this Estee Lauder foundation?

I am pretty much married to Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation (have been wearing it for about 3 years maybe?), but I am hearing SO much about Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup. I am almost out of foundation, so I am seriously considering trying it because I have read so many good reviews. I will never buy foundation online when I haven’t been properly color matched yet, so I will most likely be heading into Sephora soon. I tried Ulta a few days ago, but my local Ulta did not carry this one in-store. If I had to guess, I would guess the “Ecru” shade for me, so it will be fun to see if I am right. I wear “Light Neutral” in Tarte.

Can I run eight miles without serious injury by April 1? 

After stalking the Garmin Forerunner 230 on Amazon for two months, I saw it dip down below $200 the other day, and I snagged one. I would really like to get serious about running again with the weather change, and I wanted a GPS watch that would help me calculate distances/pace, etc. My friend Dannette loves hers, and after asking her a billion questions about it, I took the plunge. I am still testing it out, as I haven’t even had it for a week, but I will report back very soon. I have my eye on a local race…it’s eight miles…I can run 4-5 decently comfortably right now, so I am wondering if I push myself and try to do eight in less than a month. One time I tried to overextend myself (I was doing 3 miles comfortably and thought I could do a 10K race), and it did not end well. I got nauseous and overheated (it was in early September) and sadly had to walk some. It was embarrassing, to be honest, so I am trying to be overly careful yet set lofty but reasonable goals for myself.



  1. Nada Cagle October 30, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    Love your blog! Jeremy and Nicholas are my two kiddos! Jeremy just came home and told me what a fun class he had today, then he said you liked ankle boots and that Lula stuff😜. He said give me your iPad and I’ll get you hooked up! See you Thursday at the conferences!

    • rockstyleteach October 30, 2017 / 10:50 pm

      Hi!! I’m so glad you left me a comment! Thanks so much for reading, and I can’t wait to meet you on Thursday!!

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