Backpack Purses: Yay or Nay?

Trends. They work for some. They don’t work for others. We as women spend some (OK…quite a bit) of time (be honest!) trying to figure out if they work for us. They sometimes make moms in their 30s think, Am I too old for this? Or is that just me? One such trend making me think a bit (but I’ve seen it pretty much everywhere) is the mini-backpack as a purse.

When I first saw this trend, I thought back to my junior high self…I had this backpack purse from KMart that was navy blue twill…and semi-tragic, but so is pretty much everyone’s fashion sense in junior high. But what keeps me coming back to this trend is practicality. I am lugging around a heavy tote right now, and while I love the look of a tote, I am dreaming of the freedom a backpack presents to a mom of little ones, one of which isn’t potty-trained.

My ultimate dream backpack purse is the Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian Backpack…however, before I drop over $200 on this bag, I need to decide if a backpack purse works for my lifestyle (working mom of two, part-time business owner, etc.). So I ventured over to Target to try their budget-friendly backpack options. I tried three options.

Option 1: Zippered Flap Backpack

Photo Mar 12, 12 38 11 PM

Photo Mar 12, 10 41 49 AM

Photo Mar 12, 10 34 46 AM

I was most intrigued by this one because it most closely resembles the RM Julian that I love. I loved the size of it and the zipper detail that (to me) makes it look more like a purse versus a random backpack you pulled out of your closet and tried to pass off as a purse. At first, I wasn’t sold on the tan color. But then I thought about how I’m always telling myself that my next spring purse will be a light neutral, and white isn’t a great option for a mom.

Option 2: Mini Backpack Handbag with Zip Closure

Photo Mar 12, 12 40 44 PMPhoto Mar 12, 10 36 01 AM

I really liked the detailing in this one. I liked the simplicity of it and its shape. However, I think for what I need to carry on the daily, it would be too small. I thought with my frame (I’m 5’11”), too, the backpack looked too tiny.

Option 3: Mini Flap Backpack

Photo Mar 12, 12 38 48 PMPhoto Mar 12, 10 38 38 AMPhoto Mar 12, 10 38 45 AM

This one was my least favorite. I felt like the quality wasn’t as impressive in this one as it was in the other two. I didn’t like the drawstring opening, either, though I did like the zipper detail down the sides of the bag.

All of the bags I tried were under $30, which is a decent price to spend on something trendy. Since I’m not 100 percent convinced I can rock a backpack purse, I will stick with the Target option for now, but I am definitely open to saving my pennies for a designer option down the line.

So what was the verdict? I went with option 1 due to its size and detailing! I will report back soon and let you know how that backpack life is going! Have a relaxed Sunday and a blessed week!



  1. Heather July 27, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    Ok so I want to know did you stick with the backpack, or have you gone back to something else?

    • rockstyleteach July 27, 2017 / 9:12 pm

      That backpack got trashed about a month into carrying it. Light color wasn’t good for me after all. Carried a crossbody for awhile, and now I’m back to a backpack I scored from Forever 21! The backpack is the easiest for me when I’m with the kiddos!

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