Style Ruts + Family Photos

So as I do time and time again because I’m a normal working mom with normal work/life/hobby balancing issues, I’ve taken a short break from blogging, but today, I’m back to talk about finding your unique sense of style and a funny way I broke out of a recent style rut.

I personally struggle with fashion trends because while they’re fun to experiment with and emulate, they can be potentially hazardous. Say what?! Yeah, most definitely. If we spend time seeking out trends, we may find ourselves floating away from our personal style. Also, as a LuLaRoe Retailer, I spend a ton of time styling outfits for my customers, so much time that I have most recently thought to myself, Wait. Do I like that print? Wait. What really IS my personal style?

It’s so important to ground your personal style in the image you want to project, your natural personality/aura, and the (true) lifestyle you lead. Case in point: I love a patterned clutch as much as the rest of them, but I rarely find myself reaching for a clutch in my normal day-to-day.

Though I know it’s so vital to keep a stronghold on your personal style identity, I can’t help sometimes feeling as if what I’m wearing is not in line with what I’m trying to project. And sometimes I have to reevaluate. Truth right here: I struggle to get up early enough, and many days, I go to work with a poor excuse for a Mom bun. But I’ve said it here on the blog, and I’ll say it again: Putting yourself together (even when you don’t feel like it) makes you have a better and often more productive day. And just like with exercise, you have to make time, even when you think there is no time. What is ironic to me is that I feel like my audience for this post is really myself! These are things I’ve had to say to myself to get me out of a style rut here and there.

Another way to bust out of a style rut is to schedule family photos and force yourself to come up with a cute outfit. Ha! I’m only kidding, but my family did end up shooting some pictures with the wonderful Alyssa Kolb of Alyssa Brooke Photography. Alyssa is based out of Champaign, Illinois, is crazy talented, and so easy to work with!

Part of my reservations about blogging more, if I’m being honest, lie on my lack of photog skills…but I look forward to working more with Alyssa in the future (and blogging more often)!

Here are some of my favorites, followed by my outfit details.




H&M + Old Navy are where I have the best luck finding kids’ clothes! Jackson’s shirt and Johanna’s dress are from Old Navy. Johanna’s headband and Jackson’s jeans are from H&M.

A little info about these people of mine: Jordan and I have been together for over 16 1/2 years. We began dating when I was a senior in high school and he was a junior. I know…you totally thought I was younger, right?!

Jackson will be in kindergarten next school year, and Johanna turns 3 in less than a week! Johanna adores her brother but is learning to assert herself when she is not pleased! She is ALL girl, and he is ALL boy. I never grew up around boys, so parenting Jackson is an adventure every day. He knows exactly what to say exactly when he needs to say it, which I can’t decide is good or bad. He is a ball of energy who questions everything, just like a boy his age should! Johanna is my cuddle bug who is totally OK watching movies on the couch, but her real interests lie in style and clothes. Wonder how that happened…


Top is a LuLaRoe Perfect Tee, cardigan is a LuLaRoe Sarah, necklace is from the Buckle, jeans are American Eagle, and flats are from Target last year.


I wanted colorful but grounded in my favorite color (black) for this look. This look focuses on two beautiful LuLaRoe pieces: the Sarah cardigan (I’m in a small) and the Perfect Tee (I’m in an XS). I loved the vibrant colors and prints in the Tee grounded with the striped cardigan and black denim. This look is approachable and seasonally appropriate but still edgy. And although my lifestyle is not edgy, edgy details like distressed denim, black suede lace-up flats, etc., make me feel like me.

One of the reasons I think LuLaRoe is cherished by so many women is that the variety of styles, colors, and prints are unique in that you’re not going to be wearing the same shirt, etc.  And we can all find something we love!

Thanks for reading! I know it was a little all over the place,  but so am I sometimes!!

Thanks again to Alyssa at Alyssa Brooke Photography for some amazing photos! If you would like to join my LuLaRoe shopping group to shop for your own Sarah or Perfect, HERE it is. I will be back soon to talk Easter looks!




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