May in Review: A Few Style Lessons I’ve Learned

As May draws to a close and as my children wander through the yard trying to find rocks, I thought it would be a great time to highlight some of my favorite looks from May and tell you some lessons I have learned while creating these outfits.

Lesson 1: White jeans are not the enemy.

I have had a healthy fear of white pants/jeans for like ever. I carry my weight in my legs, and summer is a really hard time for me, if I’m being honest, because I don’t feel 100 percent comfortable in shorts. White jeans are a great option for summer for this reason. I found this amazing pair from OLD NAVY. I have found that the stretch in them makes me feel more comfortable and that the distressing breaks up ALLLLLL the white because I have super long legs. Surprisingly, though, I am wearing the six regular in these…I did not have to go with the tall length.

Look for stretch. Look for distressing. Both will equal out to white jean amazingness. Pair your LuLaRoe Irmas with white jeans and sandals for an easy, pulled-together summer look.

Photo May 11, 12 48 06 PM

Lesson 2: A dress in a bold print is pretty much the easiest outfit ever. 

Find bold prints that speak to you, especially on a dress, and pair that dress with peep toe booties for a really easy look. Accessorizing is hard. A simple necklace will do against a bold print.

Photo May 13, 5 48 50 PM

Photo May 18, 5 42 42 PM

Lesson 3: Stalk your dream bag relentlessly until it goes on sale. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you choose to spin it), over the past three-ish years, I have become a bag snob and prefer designer over budget because I can see a major difference in quality. This REBECCA MINKOFF bag was my dream bag, which turned into my reality bag a few weeks ago when it went on sale for over $140 off. The black hardware is just so unique. I’m in love.

Photo May 20, 1 33 54 PM

LESSON 4: A chambray top is one of the most versatile pieces you’ll ever own.

You may think, why would I wear a long-sleeved top in the summer? The chambray top is a perfect light jacket for a cool night, and when tied around your waist, it offers interest and texture to an otherwise ho-hum outfit.

Photo May 22, 8 52 47 AM

LESSON 5: Adidas sneakers are everything.

A lot of style bloggers have been raving about the white Adidas sneakers, but I wanted a pair that were A. updated from the original that I loved so dearly while in high school and B. more practical in my wardrobe.

I settled on THESE and am thinking about adding the blush pair to my collection. They are the perfect run-around shoe to achieve that athletic/leisure look.

Photo May 23, 4 51 51 PM

LESSON 6: Cobalt blue + black is a really fun color combo. 

I have never really tried blue and black before putting this outfit together last weekend, and I really liked the result. I plan on wearing it a lot this summer. I LOVE wearing black, but it’s not always summer-friendly. But the bright cobalt summer-izes it, if that makes any sense at all…ha ha.

Photo May 27, 11 28 20 AM

Now it is time for me to sign off…there are about 800 toys in my backyard, and my children are asking me if they can put sunscreen on each other…bye for now!



  1. Virginia June 7, 2017 / 12:38 am

    White jeans are the best! I wear them at least once a week…probably almost all year round, too! I’m jealous of your Rebecca Minkoff bag! I’ve been wanting one of the Love Crossbody bags for forever! Something to save my pennies for!

    More to Mrs. E

  2. rockstyleteach June 7, 2017 / 2:21 pm

    Aww thank you! I am loving the bag, but I don’t usually splurge like that!

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