Affordable + Cute Eyeglasses…An Actual Thing Now

So about a month ago, I had to get an eye exam. My eye doctor told me my vision had actually improved since last year and that improvement happens quite a bit when people reach their mid-30s. My first thought was wait. What the heck?! I’m not in my mid-thirties! But alas, I think I am, as I just turned 34. I was thinking I had until age 35, but…

So the hunt for a new pair of glasses officially commenced.

Now I would like to preface this post by saying I only wear glasses at night, when I’m having an allergic reaction (I’m highly allergic to horses and cats…totally not nerdy at all), or my eye is irritated in some way. In other words, I wear my daily contacts 95 percent of the time.

I was actually both relieved and annoyed to have to get new glasses. I say relieved because I bought a $300 pair of glasses at Lens Crafters last year that looked super cute on in the store, but when I got them home and actually wore them, I felt like they aged me approximately 15 years! When I wore them to school one day last year, one of my sweet junior high students said, Wow. You look…different. HA. I say annoyed because I just spent $300 on flippin’ ugly glasses last year, and for someone who doesn’t wear glasses often, it’s just that: an annoyance. I use my vision insurance to help offset the cost of my contacts each year, so I am usually paying out of pocket for glasses. But I knew I needed to find a MUCH more budget-friendly alternative.

I remembered Kelly Robinson (@hellorobinsonstyle on Instagram – sweetest tall mama ever – you need to follow her) mentioning Zenni Optical awhile back. I visited their website and found TONS of options I loved. I ordered two pairs because I always get sick of wearing just one…I was tempted to order three or four but wanted to try them out first.

I spent all of last night and today wearing them. And I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and “on-trend” factor with the glasses I picked. Now granted, they are not the quality I would get from Lens Crafters (my frames are not incredibly thick and durable), but each pair cost me less than $12, so I’m not going to complain too much!

HERE are the black square frames I chose. I have wanted a pair of hipster-looking glasses for awhile, and I’m about three years late to the party, but these are my favorite.

Photo Jul 29, 9 40 05 AM

Now please appreciate that I took a close-up selfie just for you. My selfie skills are MAJORLY lacking, and close-ups are scary.

Photo Jul 29, 10 18 48 AM

HERE are my fun pink cat-eye ones. I thought a pop of color in my glasses would totally work with my neutrals-heavy wardrobe, but this morning, my husband and kids called them my silly glasses, sooooooo there’s that. I like them, though. I think they’re fun and unexpected!

Here are some of my suggestions for you before ordering from Zenni Optical:

  1. Know what glasses shape looks best on your face (rectangle, cat eye, etc.). My face looks best with a cat eye shape, so that helped me narrow down my options. There is a “try on” option on the website where you can upload a selfie to see what the glasses would look like on you, but I was never able to get it to work to scale. That’s why I suggest knowing ahead of time what style/shape works best for your face.
  2. Have a paper copy of your prescription handy AND contact the last place you purchased glasses to get your pupil distanceIt was very easy to enter the numbers from my eye exam, but the one thing I didn’t have on the piece of paper my eye doctor gave me was my pupil distance. Since I just purchased a pair of glasses one year ago, it was very easy to call Lens Crafters to get my pupil distance. If you don’t have the number, Zenni Optical actually has a little ruler you can print off the website and use to help you figure it out!
  3. Really consider the frame colors and how they will jive with your existing wardrobe. I got black frames because DUH…you knew that was bound to happen because I wear black on the daily. But for a little fun, I went with a pink frame. So be sure to think about your wardrobe and how your new glasses would fit in as a cute accessory.
  4. Think about how often you really wear glasses. Zenni Optical has frames that are more expensive (and probably better quality) than the ones I purchased, and you have several different options with lenses, too. But like I said before, I went the cheapest route because I just don’t wear glasses all that often. Why spend the money if you don’t need to?

The verdict? I will DEFINITELY order from Zenni Optical again. I am very happy with the overall price I paid (with shipping, $31.25 for two pairs of glasses) and what I received in return!


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