The Easiest Way to Accessorize with Black

It’s no real surprise around here that I love the color black. It’s slimming, a bit mysterious, and simple.

And it doesn’t really matter what season we’re in…I will find a way to wear black.

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Now several people have asked me over the last few years why I wear so much black. See reasons above. We all have this idea in our heads that black is an intimidating color. But black doesn’t have to equate to goth, unless that’s your thing. It actually can be a power color for some, like me! But what’s a foolproof way to accessorize an all-black look? Just add a touch of leopard print.


Top: LuLaRoe Gigi (size medium), Skirt: LuLaRoe Elegant Jill (size small), Booties: Apricot Lane

There is something so timeless and current (I know…oxymoron) about the all-black + leopard print look. It’s very chic and works on women of all ages.

The key here is JUST A SMIDGE of leopard print, in a key accessory, like an ankle bootie.



Crushed velvet gives me life. Also, my necklace is from Express. 


I also can’t say enough about LuLaRoe’s Elegant line. It came out right before the thick of the holiday season, yet I see myself wearing pieces like this black velvet Jill skirt year-round. Such a great find.


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