Empowerment over Envy

We all have this gift when it comes to personal style: creative license to dress the way we so choose. The way we put together looks that are uniquely our own allows us to express our creativity. But unfortunately, something nearly all of us use every single day is rapidly breeding a cookie cutter prototype when it comes to personal style: social media.

The influencer culture started innocently enough. So many of us have learned about style from other stylish people on Instagram and Pinterest. And there’s nothing wrong with that because darn it, it’s fun to see what other people are wearing and how other people are expressing themselves. It gets so complicated (and dare I say unhealthy), though, when we lose sight of what our personal style actually is. Many of us get lost in the sea of influencers, trying to mimic so-and-so’s outfit she posted on Wednesday. But there is a fine line between using social media to inspire us and using it to define us. 

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I know it may seem ironic that I’m writing about this topic to be published on a style blog. But here’s the difference. I hope that through my blog and my social media accounts related to my blog that I’m empowering you to style a look uniquely your own. If you like my jeans, heck yeah! Grab them at Old Navy. My hope for you when you read this post is to get inspired to go into your own closet and create. And quite honestly, I think that is how most influencers feel. But when the women who are following the influencers lack a sense of self, they start to lose themselves, what makes them perfectly unique, in what another is wearing or buying.

Enter a style coach.

As an off-and-on image/style coach for five years, I decided it was time to pursue this passion for real, to show women the beauty and confidence that flows out of having a strong sense of personal style, to empower women through style, to cultivate empowerment in how we look versus breeding envy over how she (whoever that she is for you) looks.

I am over the moon and sun and stars and everything in the sky EXCITED about my first ONLINE STYLE COURSE, starting JULY 16: How to Find Your Personal Style in a Sea of Influencers, and I’d absolutely LOVE to have you. I’m offering $20 OFF to anyone who signs up by SUNDAY, JULY 8! You can find more information and sign up HERE!

Because we all are influencers in some capacity, right?

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