The Easiest Mom Sandal Ever

Do you remember the vintage handheld water toy? The one with the tiny rings floating in water? The aim was to move the rings into certain target spots. Yes, kind of random, but that water toy is my visual analogy for today’s post. Just imagine yourself holding the water toy.

Now start to imagine we are the rings. And in this analogy, we will focus only on how we view personal style. We all float around wondering what style target we desire. Do we want to land in the “styled to the nines” target spot? Do we want to land in the “I give up” target spot? Maybe somewhere in between? And sometimes life comes along and shakes up where we are going, so we float from target to target.

If you’re the ring still floating along in the water, can I tell you today that style doesn’t have to be ridiculously hard? Every season of life causes us to face new challenges, and soon enough, personal style doesn’t really seem like a big deal. But guiding your ring toward the I give up target doesn’t feel too good, either. Well, it may for a day or so (I still am of the opinion that sweatpants are life), but when you’re in the I give up category for too long, you start to drift farther and farther away from your unique style and arguably your self-confidence, too.

Now back to style doesn’t have to be ridiculously hard. Simple additions to your wardrobe can make getting dressed easier but also add polish and a little sophistication to your look. I’m going to throw some shade at flip flops for a minute. The easiest sandal to throw on, right? Yep, I am with you there. But there is a sandal that is just as easy and adds more polish. (Disclaimer: do I wear flip flops? Yes. In my yard when I’m playing with my kids.) Enter the slide sandal. It’s flat, it’s easy to slip on right before you leave the house, it’s comfortable…score, score, and score.

Here is my most recent favorite slide: THE FRANCO SARTO RIVIERA. Of course I got the black, but I’m soooooo tempted by the blush suede. And the camel color. OK, I want them all. So comfortable, well made, easy with a tank and shorts, a tee and jeans, or even a dress.

DSW is offering 20 percent off to its VIP customers from now until July 10, so I got a great deal, on top of using my DSW rewards. So that totally means I can grab the other colors, right?!

Photo Jul 08, 11 12 05 AM

I tried to take some pics of the shoes on me, but because #momlife, here’s what we have:

Photo Jul 08, 11 11 00 AM

Jackson’s basketball socks and shoes are way more important, apparently.

Photo Jul 08, 10 51 46 AM

There goes Johanna…chasing her brother through the store again!

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

Style doesn’t have to be complicated. Style can be easy if we let it be…because we have so many other things to think about in our day.

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