Can we talk some real talk for a minute? I have never felt like I’ve had good hair: it’s thick with a natural wave and all together unmanageable. For so long, my hair has been an insecurity of mine, a nearly everyday annoyance.

Nearly every hair stylist I’ve seen has told me I have the thickest head of hair they’ve ever seen. Over the years, these stylists have always given me suggestions for hair products to try, and I ended up throwing away 99 percent of them, frustrated that yet another hair product did not do ANYTHING to manage my hair.

I always joked about having “mom hair” when I put it in a bun every day, but secretly I was desperate for some product, ANY PRODUCT, to work on my hair, to make it look healthy and to make it more manageable for me, for my hairstyle to complete my look. And another issue to consider for me: I don’t have tons of time to spend on my hair as a working mom of 2.

So after a lot of skepticism (and admittedly a little bit of shade thrown…), I decided to try these vegan hair products EVERYONE was raving about. And holy wow. I am currently eating my words. Every day. Not only have I cut back on the number of times I wash my hair in a week, I am styling my hair and wearing it down IN THE SUMMER. It’s unheard of for me. If you’re frustrated with your hair, too, let me help.


Are you ready to shop these amazing vegan hair products and be the epitome of #hairgoals?


Maybe you want a little financial freedom in your life. Maybe, like me, you want to pay off that debt looming over your head. Or maybe you want to take your family on memorable vacations. Let’s connect! I have similar goals!